Victor and Scott had always been travelers.

Scott started surfing when he was 5, skateboarding when he was 10, and he competed as an amateur snowboarder before he left high school a little early to ride in South America. Next he headed to New Zealand surfing before going to Europe skateboarding and starting a skate company.

Victor was a developer from Bolivia who loved the world and all of the beautiful places in it. Victor worked on freelance jobs for lots of great clients from all over the world, while he was traveling all over the world himself.

Victor and Scott started working together on some projects for the skateboard company Scott had started some years before and they became great friends.

Scott, Victor and their friends at Original Skateboards were soon one of only four development teams in the world invited to display their YouTube work at Google IO 2011. Scott also did a talk that year on YouTube for small businesses at that same conference in San Franciso, he was very nervous.

While they were there, some people at Google told Scott that the skateboard company had the most effective marketing out of anyone on all of YouTube. That sounded crazy. The Google people said "Yes." they had been watching for a while and that "Yes." they were sure. This was based on some numbers some important people thought were very important.

Everyone agreed that Numbers like that are generally unlikely to be wrong.

Google thought the videos, and longboard skateboards in them, were really good (some of them probably were) but the other piece of the reason the people at Google noticed the skateboard company was because of a group of computer programs that Victor and Scott had created together, Google thought those programs could... maybe be good.

After they finished talking to the Google people about programs and some white list things Scott, Victor and their friends noticed that Billy Idol had randomly jumped up on stage. Billy started singing even though no one was expecting it.

Then Steve Aoki poured some champaign in Scott's mouth... that was good too.

Victor, Scott and their friends slapped high-fives and went to off to a party at the W Hotel with the Google people.

Around the same time they met the people at Google, Scott got Lyme Disease... Lyme Disease is bad.

Scott had been bitten by that tick while walking through the sand dunes to go surfing in New Jersey. Even though everyone told him that was no place for a tick to live, no one told the tick. When Scott took his wetsuit off, he saw the tick bite and the next day he saw a bullseye at the same spot.

Scott started to be really sick a lot of the time, but Victor, Scott and their friends at the skateboard company continued to work together.

It was much harder to work when Scott was sick, but not just for Scott.

Scott got so sick that eventually they couldn't work together very often at all. That meant they never got to show people the computer programs Google had liked, but they still had a lot of fun working on (and riding) Skateboards, Longboards and some other types of boards.

They kept making videos about riding boards even though Scott kept getting sick.

One day Victor came to visit Scott in New Jersey like he did sometimes. While he was there, Victor was also was bitten by a tick and Victor also got Lyme Disease... Lyme Disease is always bad.

Victor had always traveled for fun, but when Lyme Disease found him he was forced to also travel back and forth to the United States constantly for medical attention.

Since Victor was not yet a U.S. citizen he could not get health insurance and his medical bills were insanely high. Victor wasn't alone with his high bills because Scott's insurance wouldn't ever pay for his Lyme Doctor anyway.

The unexpected costs of Lyme Disease meant that the usual expected expenses of traveling kept Scott and Victor from going a lot of the places they wanted to go, and seeing a lot of friends that they wanted to see.

Victor spent hours booking his flights back and forth to the United States for health care (they don't have Lyme Disease doctors in South America) while Scott spent hours booking flights for the skateboarders, surfers and snowboarders who worked with him at Original Skateboards.

One day Victor got tired of spending so much time looking for flights and decided to start writing programs that would help find more cheaper flights much faster.

Victor hoped his programs would make it so that he could travel more and pay less money, specifically for his trips to the doctor, although he hoped he might use them once in a while for fun trips too.

Around the same time, Scott decided to sell his share of the skateboard company to his Dad / Brother so that they could try to make it more successful while Scott tried to make himself more healthy.

Working on projects that are rigid is not always good when you are sick and life needs you to be flexible.

After a while Scott started to feel better sometimes... which was good.

But he still couldn't surf or skateboard because of a plastic tube in his arm that he used to take his medicine... which was bad.

One day Victor decided to tell Scott about his flight searching computer programs since he knew Scott did a lot of traveling too.

Scott thought Victor's programs could be the start of something that might be important to anyone who loved to travel, or anyone who HAD to travel. Victor's programs might help any person who needed travel to be cheap which might be amazing since some of those people maybe wouldn't travel at all if they couldn't find a flight cheap enough.

That reminded Scott and Victor of all of the people they knew who spent too much money on skateboards, longboards, surfboards, skiis and snowboards (themselves included) who didn't travel as much as they ever wanted to because of money.

They hoped this might be a tool to help Lyme Disease people spend less money to see Doctors who were far away.

Victor and Scott wanted to help those Lyme Disease people have more money to pay the doctor, or buy the medicine they truly needed, while they paid less for their airline tickets when they had to travel to visit those doctors.

Since Scott and Victor were both travelers at heart who had spent most of their lives dedicated to seeing the world, both flexibly because they loved to, and inflexibly because they HAD to, Scott and Victor hoped that something they created might be at least a little bit different from those other travel things people might already have been working on.

Sometimes life, or money (a lot of times both) can get in the way of traveling, but sometimes traveling is required in life.

So Scott and Victor set to work removing the barriers that keep people stuck in place (both mental and monetary) so that those people could Travel the World and Ride in places they never believed they would Ride, or get Help from Doctors they never expected to need.

Victor and Scott weren't sure what would happen next, but they decided to go for it anyway...

Going for it is Always Good.