We founded the first skate, surf or snow brand (of any size, any sport) to hit 100 million views on YouTube.

For a small brand to have that kind video firepower we had to build out a great video team, a talented pro team and the ability to get that whole crew to amazing locations, inexpensively.

A good run never lasts forever, the best Brands pounce on opportunities to be successful.

Cheaper flights / travel means more trips, more opportunities to score and less risk on the business side. With HBWT you reduce the elbow grease spent searching and only get notified when a flight deal is ridiculous. When a deal comes up you can dive on it.

If we can get your best Riders to Europe for $300 each, we think most Brands would do that.

Whether you pay for it, or they do, it's worth going and leaves enough cash in the bank to give it another go if the surf / snow / rain / weather / whatever doesn't co-operate.

HBWT facilitates insane trips by finding flights that shouldn't be so cheap.

Sometimes the airlines make mistakes, but most of the time finding cheap fares means dedicating the blood sweat and tears to find the flights, not to mention organize the team.

We take over the searching and then improve that process by integrating machine learning into our systems. Many times we know where cheap flights will show up BEFORE the airlines release them, that way our brands first crack at the best prices.

Multiple Riders

Searching for flights for many riders from many different airports blurs everything together, quick. When booking gets painful it gets really easy to write off the extra effort required and drop $1000 more than it should cost, just to get it over with.

When you take the pain out of planning and reduce the overall cost of every trip, more riders go more places and make more videos.

Let us find the flights that let your team travel the world.

Team Travel starts at $12 per Team Rider, per month.

We continuously search for cheap flight deals for each rider independently AND for team trips that combine multiple cheap flights for multiple riders / videographers / photographers potentially leaving from many different airports, but always arriving at the same destination.

When we find a killer deal to a great destination, contest or event for the sport(s) of your choice... we send you, and your rider(s) an email so that you can Book (or Not).

Beta OPEN for Brands + Shops + Pros

If you are interested in getting involved, we would love to have you. Shoot us an email: contact@haveboardswilltravel.com