Delta has the very FIRST deal (and all time cheapest price) we have ever seen into Sun Valley Airport (SUN) from Boston. It is HARD to get into Idaho (Boise) for less than $400 and even more difficult to get into Sun Valley Airport (20 minutes from the lifts) on the cheap.

This one is so rare I have actually debated removing Sun Valley Airport from my daily searches since I have been looking this up for like two years — without finding a single deal priced flight.

Boston to Sun Valley averages $550+ — these cheap ski trips save 45% and get you there with One-Stop on Delta.

There aren't many world class resorts within 20 minutes drive of after landing — and even fewer opportunities to hit those resorts on the cheap. Heck it costs $300-$400 to fly into Mont Tremblant and thats like an hour flight.

Beyond the ease of access (flying into Sun Valley saves you 2.5 hours drive from Boise) which is awesome — landing in Sun Valley generally means you can avoid renting a car — or if you were planning on a shuttle from Boise, save at least $100-200 round-trip in transport.

On that note — this deal beats early October's $282 deal into Boise by at least $150 additional dollars saved just on the Airport transportation (and more if you were going rental car). You also get to fly into a small airport that caters specifically to Skiers / Riders — which makes life WAY easier relative to picking up oversize luggage etc etc.

But damn is this place gorgeous.

Delta Ski Bag Fees

Practically the only downside to this one is that it isn't on Southwest (so you have to pay for your bags). That being said it is Delta basic economy which gets you your carry-on free — your 1st bag is $25, 2nd bag is $35 (each way). Ski bags count as one of the above (assuming you are under the two bag limit — which you should be, it gets expensive after that).

Early Season Ski-and-Stay Specials

Sun Valley has their early season pricing on lodging deals running for a few more days (book by November 15). The best option I saw was a room and a lift ticket at either:

  • Sun Valley Lodge: starting at $258/night
  • Sun Valley Inn: starting at $228/night

Sun Valley Lodge was more recently renovated but either way it seems like a pretty solid option to get a little of this:

30% Discount on Lodging for Mountain Collective Pass Holders + 20% Discounted Lift Tickets booked early.

Per the last deal, Sun Valley has one of the largest discounts I have seen for any pass (at any resort) and offers Mountain Collective pass holders 30% off their rate. You can get more information over on their deals page but generally you are going to save enough with your Mountain Collective pass to make it CLOSE to worth buying ($469 for the year) in just for this trip on its own.

Math on Savings (based on 5 day Trip, more days = more saved due to lodging discount):

So basically the MC pass costs $469 and you save $512. So. Yeah. Worth it — plus you get to be stoked any time I find a deal to another MC resort for the rest of this year. $71 per day is a really solid price REGARDLESS of whether you go with the Mountain Collective or not (you don't need the pass to get those discount lift ticket rates — just need to book before the 15th).

30% Off Condos

If you are going with more people it gets even more outrageous since the person with the MC pass gets 30% off the condo (which ideally will sleep the whole group). I saw some great Condo prices starting from $200/nt (saves $100/nt off normal price) after MC discount. Not that the whole crew shouldn't get a pass — but if you have a few stragglers who don't want to pony up, this is a solution for sure.

More information on Sun Valley's deal page. Info on Mountain Collective Pass is over here, here's a list of the other resorts that offer Mountain Collective Lodging Discounts.

Sun Valley Opening Day: November 27th

Even though the rockies have been getting hammered thus far this year the Idaho resorts all open a little later. Plan accordingly but I would feel pretty comfortable heading out in December just based on the current / projected weather patterns through Thanksgiving.

Cheap Flight Availability

So generally the current Delta sale (mostly smaller volume destination — Jackson Hole is on sale too for example) runs through January. The only Caveat there being that the flights in January have an extra stop (so two each way). Not totally killer but certainly not preferred either!