Southwest has been killing it on cheap flights to Colorado all year. As always (2) checked bags (including ski / board bags) are Free / included but what makes this one earth shattering is that there are some options in the $170ish range flights that leave next week — which lands you just after some SERIOUS snow is projected to fall.

I always love it when flight deals line up with dumps — here's hoping you saved some days off! When the 1 in 10 forecast looks like this (just for the first storm - of two or three in the period) it may be worth burning them:

For anyone who doesn't have the days there are plenty of options straight through the heart of snow season (although a fresh dump is not nearly so guaranteed).

Atlanta to Colorado Non-Stop has been running $220+ — these cheap ski trips save 30% and get you there Non-Stop on Southwest with fresh powder in the forecast.

When you factor $140 in baggage costs saved in (on normally more expensive Southwest flights) you are really saving more like 60% off that normal $220 RT flight.

Per the above Colorado is expected to see widespread amounts in the 10-20 inch range over the next week or so. That is ON TOP of the foot or so that just fell yesterday:

The best options are the flights that land you in CO on the 6th or 7th (which is exactly when the THIRD storm, which should bring ANOTHER 10-20 inches on top of Yesterday, and in addition to the additional 10-20 still to fall between now and then).

For full details have a look at Joel's (of full forecast over here:

If you are wondering how the conditions looked prior the latest storm here's the most recent A-Basin footage I could find (uploaded yesterday but I believe footage is before the last storm). Seems like a decent base already — but for sure hit me up if you have first hand info.

Cheap Colorado Ski Lodging

I have emails out to our friends at Ski Colorado Vacation Rentals to see if they can hook up an additional discount on this one (like they did last time — thanks guys!) and will update this as I hear back.

If you are seriously considering this one you should 100% subscribe (if you haven't already) to get notifications as I put together lodging / rental car deals.

Going to email Silvercar as well — since this one is guaranteed to need AWD / 4x4 for the drive up!

10% off Transport from DEN Airport

This should still be working — found it on the SCVR lodging site. Gets you a hook up / coupon for 10% off your ride to the hill with Summit Express (shuttle from Denver), use Coupon Code: SCVR

How to Book with Southwest

Per usual Southwest's linking policy doesn't allow anyone to link in to specific days. That said I made a list of some of near-term powder forecasted date options that are still available (easy to check ATL-DEN from Southwest Low Fare Calendar).

  • Nov 5 - Nov 10
  • Nov 5 - Nov 12
  • Nov 6 - Nov 10
  • Nov 6 - Nov 12
  • Nov 7 - Nov 10
  • Nov 7 - Nov 12

Those are all (as of this writing) $89 each way — but many of those date pairs have only a few seats left at that price. I expect the powder forecast to get out — and for some of you guys on the subscription list from Atlanta to dive on this one.

So if you are planning to go — book now and ask questions later. Lodging / Lift Tickets will be cheap given the early season pricing at pretty much all resorts — if you book feel free to hit me up if you need additional help — and for the love of god subscribe already if you haven't (you will get updates as we find lodging / lift ticket deals to go along with this).

Follow the directions below to book but be aware that the near term (powder guaranteed) flights are more expensive ($176) than the cheapest options in January ($156).

Book Your Cheap Flight

Per the above we can't link direct so...
The best way to go about this is to hit the Southwest Low Fare Calendar. From there enter the airport you want to fly from (ATL to DEN) and then select November (alternately December, January):

That should land you on the right calendar. You are looking for the flights that are $89 on the way out there, and $89 on the way back — if you want to catch the storm. Otherwise set your calendar to December or January and save $30 (should be $156 round-trip during those months).

Once you select a date you want to hit continue at which point you are looking for the Non-Stop 'Wanna Get Away' flights (which for some reason are generally cheaper than those with more stops).

Southwest Free Change Fees

Keep in mind that if — in the unlikely event — Denver airport is going to get snowed on (doesn't happen often) or things look gnarly for weather in ATL on the way back — you can always change your flight free of charge — other than the difference in flight price (most of the time this isn't crazy, if anything — just explain the weather).