Stoked on this — as it is the first time I have ever seen Southwest come with a down and dirty price on their route to Seattle. Even more stoked that Southwest continues to offer two free checked bags (and includes Ski / Board bags in that number) even as the rest of the industry just finished raising their baggage fees.

If you would prefer a Non-Stop, or are renting your gear (as opposed to checking it) you can save another $10 with Jetblue ($217 Round-trip) but most of the time (for most people) the savings on checked bags makes the single stop on Southwest worth it — imo.

Epic Pass holders ski free at Whistler (4 hour drive from SeaTac) or locally at Steven's Pass about an hour from the airport. Ikon Pass holders ski free at any of the Summit at Snoqualmie ski areas.

If you need a Lift Ticket Steven's Pass has some awesome ski and stay condo deals — 50% off Lift Tickets + 25% off Lodging.

Boston to Seattle is almost always $375ish — these cheap ski trips save 40% and get you there with One-Stop on Southwest.

Unlike flying down to Florida for the weekend — bringing nothing but a back pack filled with board shorts and the clothes on your back — traveling to ski or ride on Delta / United etc generally gets you hammered with $140 ($70 each way) of bag fees.

Hence the stoke on Southwest — when including bag fee savings this deal is more like 60% off. Makes for a great chance to explore one of the newest options on the Epic Pass — Steven's Pass.

For those who aren't aware Steven's Pass get's absolutely dumped on — has great backcountry access — and has a pretty rad community behind it:

Ikon / Epic Pass Holders

Getting an early trip out to Seattle (and then up to) Whistler is an option for anyone with an Epic pass. Alternately should Whistler be on the dryer side early on Stevens Pass also just got added.

For those with an Ikon Pass, you guys ride free at the Summit at Snoqualmie which includes Alpental Ski Area.

Assuming you don't have a pass you can always look into the Alpental Backcountry (full write up in Powder Mag) which has been on my list for a while now.

Cheap Flight Availability

General availability on this one runs Now through March. Useful ski availability really starts in Mid/Late November — which is still for sure early season. Steven's Pass and Whistler both generally open November 21st-ish with potential options the weekend before.

If you target November be sure to keep an eye on the official websites for the resort you want to check out.

Since this IS on Southwest — you can always change your flight to shift it earlier or later (depending on your other obligations). Sometimes Always useful to target an incomming storm (or avoid one on the way out). In this case you can change your flight to be SURE you are there for Opening Day —  assuming you are into those sorts of festivities.

Booking on Southwest

So unlike jetBlue and Alaska who let us link to their site (or a reseller) — Southwest does not. For anyone who is thinking of bringing at least one checked bag Southwest flights are likely the cheapest ($228 RT with One-Stop) since you can bring two bags (or one bag PLUS a ski bag AND a helmet/boot bag).

That said you should look at the Southwest Low Fare Calendar. Enter Boston (BOS) as your origin and Seattle (SEA) as your destination and select your departure / return months.

Best early season options that I saw left at the end of November and returned in early December but there is a ton of availability in January.

Look for the $113 or 117 each way prices.

Non-Stop / Traveling Light

If you are traveling light you will likely save a few bucks ($10) going with jetBlue. Alternately it should be noted that the Jetblue options ARE non-stop, at the cost of paying for bags — if either of those sounds like a better option you, use the links below: