So this one is part of a larger Alaska Airlines sale that is producing some great deals (and not just for Boston, see: $237 RT Flight NY/NJ to Seattle: Ski + Snowboard Trip). Generally Idaho is one of one or two locations that rarely ever drops below $300 without multiple stops each way (I've seen it once from Boston in two years of watching) — that said this deal is has a single stop in both directions which usually costs an arm and a leg.

Sun Valley is offering 25%+ off lift tickets purchased on their site (early season promo — saves $165ish on 5 day passes), that stacks well with Mountain Collective ($469/yr) pass holders getting Two-Free Ski Free ski days AND 30% off Lodging at Sun Valley.

Boston to Idaho is almost always $450ish — these cheap ski trips save 40% and get you there with One-Stop on Alaska Airlines.

So unfortunately the Alaska Airlines free Lift Ticket deal that sweetens the pot on so many of the Alaska Air deals I find DOES NOT apply to this one as these cheap trips fly into Boise. In order to qualify for a free Sun Valley lift ticket you need to fly into the Sun Valley airport (SUN) which is SUBSTANTIALLY more expensive.

Subsidize your Mountain Collective Pass

Idaho is insanely beautiful and it could very well be worth grabbing a Mountain Collective pass JUST to pickup two free days PLUS the 30% off ski-in-ski-out lodging discount that Mountain Collective pass holders receive — that basically pays for your pass in savings on this trip alone — the rest of the season usage is a bonus.

Even though the Mountain Collective pass as a whole isn't nearly as good a deal in / around Boston as years past it would come in handy this time around as neither Epic or Ikon Pass is associated with an Idaho resort.

Cheap Idaho Ski Trip Availability

I am unsure of exactly how long this sale will be going on for Alaska Air but the availability is pretty solid — generally running from Early December through to March, minus the holidays.

Since Sun Valley opens in general on Thanksgiving — even the early December dates work out just fine — seems like a perfect trip to look forward to between now and the start of things back east. Here's a calendar snap shot.


  1. The $282 flights I found use the skyscanner links below to save another extra $8 or $10.
  2. For another $10 or $20 you can grab a flight on Delta or United that has a single stop in Minneapolis as opposed to Seattle or Portland. — cuts flight time an hour or so.