OK so this one is so crazy I delayed posting immediately to see if it was one of the 'There and Gone' price mistakes that pop up every so often from United. Could still be a price mistake but seems likely that they will honor it at this point!

United has round-trip single stop flights to Bozeman, Montana at the cheapest price I have ever seen (or heard of) during normally-expensive peak of Ski Season.

That works out just perfect for anyone who has an Ikon Pass — as Ikon pass holders ski free at Big Sky. I can't tell you how jealous I am that my local airports never see deals like this one to Montana (despite being a United hub!).

Atlanta to Bozeman, MT generally runs $400-$450 — these cheap ski trips save 65% and get you there with One Stop on United Airlines.

As mentioned up top this COULD still in theory be a price mistake — that means that you should delay booking your Hotel / Buying Lift Tickets etc etc etc until a week or two from now. For that reason (and because tonight is my night to grill dinner!) I am leaving research on lodging off for now.

I think it's pretty unlikely that they would cancel this one even if it WERE a price mistake (since my guess is that this is right about the cost of fuel) but you never know. Better safe than sorry.

Cheap Flight Availability

So this is one of the weirder deals I have run into (using our in house search tools) where I can only find a single date pair / instance of United pricing that lines up at this price — January 12th - 19th.

My searches are run through an alternate API (no idea why it's not showing more options) — but it looks like Google Flights DOES have other date options. It is ABSOLUTELY look taking another look on Google Flights if Montana is at the top of your list and the dates below do not work.

If all of the prices initially show up as MUCH MORE (like $600-800) try selecting a different set of dates — I was able to get the cheaper prices to show up only after I manually chose a set of dates, so that COULD be the case for you as well.

Alternately — use the links below.