Southwest started doing Non-Stop flights from Newark recently — which is notable both because most flights on Southwest to the Left Coast have at least one stop, and also because their Surfboard Policy is one of the cheapest in the industry.

$75 / Board Bag on Southwest may not sound earth shattering, and doesn't touch Alaska Air's $30 each way, but the entire airline industry is getting out of control (Delta charges $150 per BOARD each way, so $450 each way if you bring three boards with you). The other major advantage here is that any other checked bags go free — particularly a bonus when you very well may be bringing a few wetsuits with you.

Newark to San Diego is almost always $425 for a non-stop (bags extra) — these cheap surf trips save 35% on flights and get you there Non-Stop on Southwest

For anyone still on the fence, the late fall (into the winter) is a GREAT time to be surfing in Southern California. Light on the crowds, more consistent offshores and very consistent surf (in general).

Plus there are frequently crossed up pulses from both the early season north swells, and late season south swells — resulting in pure peaky fun.

Cheap San Diego Flight Availability

Most of the cheapest flights go down in October but there is some scattered stuff not quite as cheap (although also on sale) for another $30-$50 from November to March.

How to Book Southwest

Since southwest doesn't allow direct links to specific dates, the best way to go about this is to hit the Southwest Low Fare Calendar. From there enter the airport you want to fly from (EWR to SAN) and then select October:

That should land you on the right calendar. You are looking for the flights that are $147 on the way out there, and $139 on the way back. Generally the sale covers October through December.

Once you select a date you want to hit continue at which point you are looking for the Non-Stop 'Wanna Get Away' flights.

That should land you with a total of $276, $286 or $296 that ideally looks like this: