Alaska Airlines is matching a Delta sale that went live yesterday — with the added bonus of Alaska Air being a free lift ticket from Alyeska Resort, just outside of Anchorage (worth ~$60 for the day).

In addition to the above free Lift Ticket from Alaska Airlines (show them your Alaska Airlines boarding pass the day of arrival) Alyeska also has a pretty solid midweek deal using PromoCode SKIFREE — where booking one night mid-week gets you two full day Lift Tickets. I ran through the checkout and the code does still work (even though it came out last year). Here are the full Alyeska mid-week deal details.

For anyone bringing the family (or the whole crew) Trivago has two and three bedroom ski-in-ski-out condos from $175/nt. PLUS Chugach Powder Guides partnered with / leaves from Alyeska and has 27.5% off Cat Skiing when you sign up for their Stand-By program.

Philly to Alaska is almost always $700 — these cheap ski flights save 35% and get you there with One Stop on Alaska Airlines.

The other major benefit here is that Alaska Airlines gets you there with only one stop. It is a long trip which is usually made even longer on most airlines who generally have two stops on the way there and two stops on the way back.

One-Stop flights (like this one) sure do make it easier to enjoy the view once you get there.

Heli Ski Option

And hey, if you can't be bothered with the lift, Heli is a legit option too. That $300 per person savings on the flight in might not quite cover it — but certainly won't hurt either.

Chugach Powder Guides partners with Alyeska Resort — so adding a Heli trip to your Alaska trip is a relatively easy (if expensive) add — with flight days running at $1375 for 18000ft of decent.

Cat Skiing 25-30% off

If you come up a little short on the heli stuff (like I do at the moment) Chugach also runs Cat Skiing for $375/day AND they have a pretty awesome 27.5% off Cat Ski days (making it $275) when you sign up for Stand-By on their site:

Since Stand-By is free, and zero obligation, it seems to me that it's worth doing — if only to see what the conditions look like while you are there and then decide. Leaves Alyeska around 8am and gets back at 5 or 6 pm (lunch, snacks etc included).


Generally this deal starts in January and runs through the end of February. Both December and March are much more expensive (the cheapest I found in either was $590 — still a decent price but way more than $400 in January or February).

When using the dates below BE SURE to pick Alaska Airlines from the results when you book. That will get you the better stop (Minneapolis) and also the free lift ticket — whenever Alaska Airlines officially confirms their Ski Free program this year (been running for 3 years now).

More dates available generally in January and February.