American has cheap One-Stop flights to Vail Eagle County Regional which save you a minimum of 2 hours drive time and comes in less than we usually see into Denver.

Landing in a small airport also incurs way less hassle — Denver security line can be freaking brutal.

Atlanta to Vail Eagle County Airport is almost always $400+ — these cheap ski flights save you 50% and get you there with One-Stop on American Airlines.

The deal here has more to do with the Airport (normally pricey Vail Eagle County) than it does to do with the price. Getting from Denver out to Vail / Beaver Creek etc is costly regardless of whether you are renting a car or getting a Mountain Shuttle.

Flying direct into Eagle County saves a minimum of $100 and probably more like $150 travel cost vs flying into Denver. Not to mention reducing your drive time considerably.

The current American Airlines sale prices both Denver and Eagle at the same $198 price, so you could book a Denver trip if you prefer BUT Eagle is a way better deal in this case.

You could do a lot worse than closing your season out at Vail this spring...

Colorado Resort Closing Dates

Since a lot of the best resorts are closed by the 15th of April this really is more of a last minute deal with flights leaving in the next week (10 days max) in order to catch the end of the season.

Of course there are later in the month flight options for anyone who wants to drive back over to A-Basin (forecast to be open until JUNE!) but that sort of negates some of the benefits of landing in Eagle since it's an hour and change to drive back east to Breck / Keystone / A-Basin.