Iceland is NEVER cheap from Philly, heck it's not usually this cheap on a legit airline from ANYWHERE in the United States. Delta has you covered for a late season mission to what has to be one of the more interesting ride destinations with terrain still open through May.

After two weeks of hassling with behind the scenes infrastructure (on my side) it's good to see a 'cheapest ever' deal someplace epic pop up before the end of the season.

Philadelphia to Iceland routinely runs $500ish — these cheap ski flights save you 50% and get you there with One-Stop on Delta.

Update 6:56pm Eastern: the $259 May flights sold out (June still available). Still May seats at $315, which is a great deal just not quite AS great.

Plenty to love about this one whether you ski / ride or not.

While Iceland is green and Greenland is ice, Iceland does get it's share of snow and has been on my list to ride since I caught this one a few years back:

While it's going to take more than saving $250 on your flight to get you in your own heli (5 star rated Viking Heli Ski maybe?) it's still fun to dream... and the conditions in May look pretty fun to me.

Grab a Sled to the Top

While Heli is out of my price range catching a sled to the top will run you $60 euros with the guys at Amazing Mountains. Waiting for word back on whether that is a single run or a single day / group of runs, either way... it's tempting.

Probably worth it to go ski someplace by yourself.

Lift Tickets / Ski Details

The 5X5 Ski Pass runs $140Euros which works out to $34USD a day (not bad) and lets you ride 5 different mountains or 5 days at your favorite.

Most of the best info I found comes in from (the tourism org responsible for the 5x5 pass) has an absolutely immense amount of information in a seriously in-depth Ski Iceland guide.

For anyone man (or woman) enough to dive on this one and actually book, more research is certainly required.

Baggage Fees

As mentioned these flights are on Delta, that means your ski / board bag + boots + helmet all count as one item (even if they are in separate bags) but it also means you are going to owe extra if you want to bring a second checked bag.