JetBlue has Non-Stop flights to Lake Tahoe for a fraction of the average price. Prices to Tahoe have been sky high for the last two months so it's awesome to see an ultra cheap flight come through before spring.

PLUS Grab a room at the Forest Suites (a few steps to the Heavenly Gondola) for $99 a night on HotWire. Other great deals to be found on Trivago.

NY/NJ to Reno, Lake Tahoe usually runs $300+ for Non-Stop flights — these cheap flights save 45% and get you there Non-Stop on jetBlue.

The last month has seen a seriously active weather pattern in the Sierra (after a slow start to the year). Including 4.5ft (up to 7 feet at ridge level) in the past week. Here's a video of what that looks like at Tahoe Donner that just got uploaded today.

After a week of deals with stops (ugh) it's good to see jetBlue add Non-Stop's to their latest sale. This one is actually tempting for me personally, I was in South Lake for New Year's and the storm track hadn't really kicked up yet.

Might be time for a do-over.


The majority of the cheapest options go down in April which may be full on spring this side of the rockies but still has most of the best Tahoe resorts open for business.

Depending on exactly which set of dates you choose you are likely to have access to (at the least) Heavenly, Mt. Rose and Squaw Valley - Alpine Meadows.

Heavenly Villiage (Gondola) 40% off

HotWire has 42% off Ski-in-Ski-out (or walk out of Gondola at least) at Heavenly on some sweet dates that match up with these flights.

The trick is to book the "HotRate Hotel" which won't have the name listed on HotWire: 40% off Heavenly Lodging (Ski-in-Ski-out).

Hotwire Tip

You can compare the number of reviews listed on the HotRate Hotel to the number of reviews listed (with the full name, scroll down) to uncover the actual rate for the actual hotel you are booking.