Hawaii tomorrow? Alaska Airlines hooking up a RARE surf friendly last minute flight that coincides with a solid 6-8 foot (on Kona side) swell headed toward the big island. Suuuper tempting and even a few dates available where packing is NOT quite an immediate need.

As a bonus a lot of the flights also have a full day on either end in San Diego which means you can easily paddle out there on your way out, your way back, or both.

Trivago also has some solid deals if you want to crash in Kona town: Kailua Kona Hotel Deals (my favorites are the Home Away options from $60/nt)

NY/NJ to Kona generally runs $1050+ with one stop — these cheap surf flights save 45% and get you there with ONE-STOP on Alaska Airlines.

While you obviosuly don't need to surf to enjoy a $560 round-trip flight, the deal gets WAY better if surfing is in your plans. The main reason being that it's nearly impossible to score flights to guaranteed good waves (which are in the forecast) based on the fact that MOST airlines who occasionally release those deals (Delta, United etc) charge an arm and a leg for board fees.

Alaska Airlines on the other hand charges just $25 per board bag each way which saves you right about $300 in board bag fees (on top of the above 45% flight discount). About that forecast...

Kona needs a more pure northwest swell direction to really get huge but this one is big enough to wrap in and ensure some fun sessions. Anything more direct than this would be on the big side for me personally, but if you really want to charge you can obviously jump over to the north shore for $125 or so.

Should be PLENTY big enough for just about anyone over on Oahu (looks like 15ft+).

Probably will look a little like this vid... just don't be that guy.

(Optional) Two Days in San Diego

So the best options I see are the Full Day stop-overs in San Diego that I have posted before. Those give you right about 24 hours in SD to recover from jetlag or go have a session or two. Talk to the guys at the counter when you check your boards to make sure they don't tag it all the way through to Kona (assuming you want to surf).

Trip Timing

The $560 flight that leaves tomorrow or the day after was $581 when I started writing this. Not sure it will drop further as $560 is as cheap as we have seen it to Hawaii all year (with the swell forecast bonus as mentioned).

For an extra $50 you can pickup flights all the way through March. Still the heart of the winter swell season so odds of scoring are better than average. Plus that gives you more than a few days to plan.