Air New Zealand has what HAVE to be error fares on flights L.A. to Auckland. Pair that with cheap connections to get there and you have the cheapest flights I have ever seen to go surf the North Island (Raglan here I come).

NY/NJ to New Zealand (with a single stop) usually runs $1200 + — these cheap surf flights save 75% and get you there with One-Stop on Air New Zealand.

So this one isn't 100% on Air New Zealand which is a bummer because Air NZ has some of the best surfboard baggage fees you can find anyplace. That being said a few of the dates that I found DO get you to L.A. on Virgin America which will run you $50 for your board bag each way.

Cheap Board Bag Fees

You will NOT have to pay bag fees from L.A. to New Zealand on Air NZ so long as your board bag is less than 6'5'' Air NZ says it's good to go. With any other airline you get hit twice since you are required to re-check your luggage in... due to going from the domestic terminal to the international.

I have seen guys check way bigger bags and not get charged, but its sort of your milleage may vary on that for 2018.

The flights on Virgin are out of JFK so if you want to avoid the $150 each way fee from United I would either leave out of JFK OR plan on buying a board down there (the exchange rate saves you 40% right now).

Deal Notes: ERROR FARE

There is no way this one is NOT a flight price mistake.
While I think $300 is enough for Air NZ to honor the flights, they COULD cancel them so don't book your lodging etc right away.

My personal plan is to book now, wait a couple of weeks, and then book my hotel etc. If you end up booking hit us up on facebook (or shoot me an email) and I will update this post with the hotels etc that I find once we figure out if they are going to let us all fly.


Alternate Cheap Flights out of LGA

A Few More Cheap Flights out of JFK

Cheapest Surf Bag Trip Shown

Since I assume most people are going to surf I am adding the below image that shows the Virgin America / Air New Zealand combination you want to minimize baggage fees. You could even try booking the option that shows Air NZ all the way (even though it's operated by VA) and then sweet talk the girls (or guys) at the counter.

You potentially could use the same tactic with United (going out of newark for example) but if you DON'T get them to bite you are stuck paying $150 each way for the bag to get it to L.A. where Air New Zealand takes over.