It is HARD to get Non-Stops to Tahoe let alone Non-Stops for less than $200. jetBlue is back with an even better deal than last time but this one lets you get in on the ridiculous week long snow storm that's about to go down in the Sierras. Cheap flight availability extends into February for those who need a little more time to plan.

PLUS Trivago has 45% off Lodging in South Lake Tahoe (though still $200ish/nt). If you book a later trip (after Jan 29) you can save an extra $100 when booking your flight AND Hotel package through jetBlue use Coupon Code: DOM100 which knocks $100 off the above mentioned price at Trivago.

NYC to Lake Tahoe Non-Stop is almost ALWAYS $400 — these cheap ski flights save 60% and get you there Non-Stop on jetBlue.

While getting to Reno Non-Stop is almost always $400ish, getting to Reno Non-Stop last minute (when you can see a storm headed in) is almost always $700+.

There is a serious cannon of moisture pointed straight at the Tahoe / Southern Sierras so the time is now to book (before everyone else does). Rooms and cars are cheap(ish) since the season has started slow but I am 100% sure it is going to be far from slow this week and next week (when your flight lands in Reno).

If you have an Epic pass Kirkwood is an absolute no brainer and should receive upward of 3ft between now and the middle of next week (earliest flights land next Monday — which are the ones I would dive on).

While I had a great time on my Tahoe trip week before last we did NOT have the sort of snow you guys can expect to score on this trip. Weather models say COLD (snow to lake level) for a high ratio of water to snow... and there will be plenty of water.

Enjoying view... wishing there was more snow... Can't I just look normal in a photo?

Cheap Last Minute Ski Flights to Tahoe

This is one of the rare deals where we have GREAT actionable intel on an incoming storm AND the opportunity to book a ticket at a fraction of the price it normally costs. While most of the time Airlines (jetBlue included) eliminate tickets within 21 days of today's date from their promotions, that is NOT the case here.

This one is also available direct from jetBlue which may help should something crazy go down. I always feel like I get a little bit of extra consideration from the Airline when I book direct vs with an OTA.

When flying into a storm that consideration MAY be required.

Best Dates to Fly

So basically with the weather on tap the best options are the earliest options (IMO). Most of the Trips that go down next week take advantage of a single cheap date to get out there (Jan 22) so if that date goes UP many of these deals / prices could go bye bye in a hurry.

If you want to go NEXT WEEK for the storm (or as close as possible anyway) I would book today or tomorrow — at the latest to get some of this:

Since sometimes it is easier to have dates / links that you can just click on I am adding our standard links below in addition to the clickable images above which take you direct to jetBlue's fare calendar.

Cheap Lake Tahoe Lodging

Generally booking hotels last minute slams you, this time is no different with most of South Lake / Incline Village etc running $200+/nt. The one advantage that you do have is that you are not obligated to go. You can score some better deals on last minute sites like [HotWire]... who also happens to have a $15 off $200 Coupon Code: FIFTEEN to knock some extra off on what are already the best Hotel deals I found:

HotRate hotels don't show the name until you book (hence the reason I usually restrict my search to 4 Star+ rated options. That said I can tell you for 90% sure that this one at $169 is the Marriott right in the village directly next to the Gondola:

You can use the number of ratings on Trip Advisor to deduce which hotel is which if you are concerned about the exact location! Also some killer deals on cars. I just finished paying $100/day to extend my AWD rental.. $22/day is way better.

All Wheel Drive is a MUST.

Free Lift Ticket

For anyone who DOES NOT have an Epic pass (or just wants to hit Squaw for a day) you can take your boarding pass and trade that for a free full day Lift Ticket at Squaw Valley / Alpine Meadows on the day you land. While not all flights let you take advantage of this one, it's worth keeping in mind!

Full Weather Discussion

Per usual it's always better to check the local weather office forecast discussion when planning long term to get an idea of what the local forecasters really think.

Get Additional (Professional!) Ski Focused Forecaster Thoughts From:
OpenSnow Lake Tahoe Region or PowderChasers

For anyone interested here's the official discussion coming out of the NWS Reno office pertaining to this weekend / next week:

.LONG TERM...Thursday and beyond...

Bottom line up front...Winter is coming. Forecaster confidence is high regarding winter impacts to the region Thursday into Friday.
If you have travel plans over the Sierra Thursday-Friday, you
should be paying close attention to the forecast, as cold
temperatures with snow and gusty winds are likely. There is also
potential for light snow even down to the valley floors for the
Friday morning commute.

This (Friday) storm is shaping up to be a pretty solid storm by Sierra standards. Nothing unusually huge, but potential for 1 to 2 feet
of snow in the High Sierra above 7000 ft along with anywhere from
several inches up to a foot of snow down to Lake Tahoe level and
even around 5500 ft. As the cold front pushes through the region
Thursday night into Friday morning, snow levels will fall to most
valley floors, including light snow amounts for Reno-Sparks-Carson
City for the Friday morning commute. Lower snow levels will also
mean high snow ratios in the Sierra, which will increase the
potential for blowing snow and low visibilities over the Sierra
passes Thursday night into Friday. Blustery conditions and snow
showers will remain through the day on Friday as the instability
remains under the low pressure--even potential for lake effect
snow showers downwind of Tahoe and Pyramid.

Colder temperatures remain in place through the weekend as well, with another strong winter storm system on the horizon for
Sunday-Monday. The Pacific jet stream will reload and bring
another beneficial storm to boost the Sierra snowpack. Details
still remain pretty fuzzy, but good confidence that we will see
another round of moderate to heavy mountain snow, a mix of valley
rain/snow possible, along with a period of strong winds Sunday.