Southwest has another killer non-stop flight deal BUT this time around last minute cheap flights coincide with a forecast that is about as good as it can get. With a dry start to the winter it was only a matter of time before the snow cranked up, the best locations got 10+ inches in the last storm and the next one is projecting to be twice as big.

If you are looking for a place to spend your days off... now is the time! Some decent options in February as well if you want to out off the stoke for a few weeks.

PLUS some solid deals on Lodging from Trivago / Expedia in Breckenridge for $100/nt to $150/nt but regardless if which you pick, book now! As the storm gets closer everyone and their brother will be booking from Denver.

Philadelphia to Denver has been running $225+ Non-Stop — these cheap ski flights save 40% or more vs last minute options and get you there Non-Stop on Southwest Airlines.

While the overall price is not as good as the $95 rt Colorado deal from a few weeks back I will pay the extra $40 for a solid chance to score 2 feet+ of powder every day of the week. This is by far the best forecast we have seen all year and the FIRST time this year we have had a great forecast coincide with a great price on flights to get there.

Per usual Southwest flies your ski bags free (they count one ski bag PLUS one helmet or boot bag as a single piece) and you can bring one other checked bag if you are going to do a long term mission. Carry ons are also free (unlike frontier) so if you are going for 4 days (to just hit the storm) you can probably get away checking only your skis.

Cheap Colorado Lift Tickets So one advantage of this deal in

Book Your Flight and Go

Since this one is with Southwest we can't give you exact link pairs, but we have gone over the Southwest fare calendar (which you can access here: to find dates that would work well to catch the upcoming storm in Colorado.

It is most likely to be snowing in Colorado January 18-24 (possibly starting the 17th)

Generally you can pick any day in here and have it be worth it but the best deals are the $65 departures and returns. If you can get in on those you are getting a lot for a little relative to most last minute flights (cheapest outside of southwest was $415 and United has theirs at $768... so yeah big savings).

How much snow in Colorado?

Short answer: a Bunch. While the highest amounts appear to be in western Colorado there is zero chance you don't get something on this one. Heck it's projected to snow 4-8 inches this weekend and that storm is half the size of the one coming next week.

For full storm details hit up Powder Chasers.

Generally projections are for next weeks low to come ashore in the Pacific Northwest between Thursday and Friday and be into the rockies by Friday / Friday Night.

Best Dates (updated)

If you ask me the best dates are:
Jan 16 - Jan 23 — $130 RT
Jan 16 - Jan 22 — $140 RT
Jan 17 - Jan 23 — $130 RT
Jan 17 - Jan 22 — $140 RT

Per the above Southwest sold a ton of the flights that were originally good options. On a positive note they also reduced the price of return flights on the 21st and 22nd so that actually helps out a lot.

You gotta hit the following page, choose PHL to DEN and then select your dates to book / see the calendar as above:

For reference the next cheapest flight to any of the other airports in the west is $400 RT to Reno / Tahoe.

East Coast / Local Storm

One thing to keep in mind, there are model soundings that project a storm for the east coast on Thursday so if you can get out Wednesday and have an extra day or so in CO that makes sure you have the highest percentage chance to have an easy time taking off (and landing there) weather wise. Here's the map projection for Thursday... note the blue low pressure in the east.

East Coast storm is projected to move fast, not dump too much snow, and be out to sea by Friday but figured I would add a note here relative to choosing the best flights out to Denver (ie. not getting stuck trying to fly out).