jetBlue is having a sale on last minute flights and Seattle is about to get slammed. If you have days off from work next week my advice is to take them and dive on this one. Assuming you don't, no worries, availability stretches out until March.

PLUS Trivago has rooms in some Well-Rated Mt. Baker area Hotels 30 to 50% off and some even better Hotel options in Seattle Discounted 50%+ in-case you want to fly in late and crash there.

Boston to Seattle almost always runs $325+ for a Non-Stop — these cheap flights save you 45% and get you there Non-Stop on jetBlue.

Stevens Pass is getting dumped on right now with 30 inches total expected between yesterday and today.

Here's the total projections for this current storm.

Next Week

The earliest trips that are a part of this deal leave midweek next week just in time for the atmospheric river to turn on full blast. Early projections are for multiple feet starting end of week next week according to the dudes over at PowderChasers.

The early trips are a few extra bucks but as far as last minute powder missions on a budget, it's hard to get too much better. Here's the projected weather map for end of week (Friday specifically) next week for anyone interested. Blue means low pressure, low pressure means snow.

Click the image above, or this one for the full forecast (again thanks to PowderChasers). 30 inches the last couple of days with not one but two shortwaves lining up for the pacific north west next week... hard to resist.

Here is the only recent video I could find (not the best quality) but it does a pretty good job of describing the situation right now.

After getting skunked one after another in Breck, and then Tahoe last week, I could use a little more of that in my life. If this one was out of NYC I would be all over it.

Get some for me.

Book Your Flight (for the Storm)

So today I am separating this into two sections since the flights that are lined up well for the Pacific Northwest storm at the end of the week next week are also the most expensive. Alaska Airlines just finished re-pricing to UNDER what jetBlue had the for-the-powder storm flight prices.

That works out well for us since it SHOULD keep jetBlue from price gouging for at least the next little bit. Please excuse the lack of logos, will try to fix that by getting one from jetBlue in the morning.