Delta has what has to be the cheapest price I have ever seen from L.A. to Europe during ski season. Pair that with the fact that the Alps are getting hammered this year (some spots picked up 6 FEET over 24 hours last week) and it's sort of too good to pass up.

While last weeks storm is sort of too much of a good thing (not to mention being billed as a once in a generation event), odds are good things will settle down to be one of the most rippable years ... in years... by the time you get there.

L.A. to Milan is almost always $900+ during ski season — these cheap flights save 55% and get you there with One-Stop on Delta.

There are two options for stops, short reasonable ones (if you prefer to just get it over with) or a full day to explore New York (either on the way or the way back). I prefer the full day stops but I have noted the difference in the links below to make it easy for you guys to tell which is which.

How much snow too much snow?

Per the above video, a once in a generation storm is not likely to hit more than once in a season... so yeah, we should be good to ride February and March when the cheapest flight availability goes down.

On the plus side...

From Milan

Milan is not far at all from MANY major resorts and much of the alps is accessible within 2-4 hours drive for anyone with a specific destination in mind. What's that? Chamonix is on your bucket list?

Doable. Should run you 2 hours 50 minutes.

Full Day Stop in New York (for exploring or sleeping of Jetlag) on the Way Back
Full Day Stop in New York (for exploring or sleeping of Jetlag) on the Way

How to Book

Getting to Europe is never easy, long stops with ski gear is not always fun. That being said getting to Europe from L.A. for anything short of $700 is near impossible and this is right about half of that. I would take one with a full day to explore New York and then just crash, sleep and go out to eat a good meal then jump back on the plane.

I did that exactly (19 hour stop in SFO) the last time to and from Hawaii from the east coast and both the fiance and I loved it. Even with surfboards it was worth it to sleep in an actual bed mid-way through.