United has all-time-cheapest flights but Jackson Hole comes through with a deal at least as good: giving anyone with a Season Pass (to ANY Resort) 40% Off Lift Tickets between now and February 1st as part of their 2018 'Golden Ticket' promotion. Luckily for all of us those two once in a blue moon events (cheap flights / cheap lift tickets) line up perfectly.

PLUS that Golden Ticket promo from Jackson ALSO gets you 15% off lodging when you book through their site. Alternately for those on a tighter budget Trivago has Jackson lodging $80+/nt (45% off) Sweeeeet.

NY/NJ to Jackson is almost always $650+ — these cheap ski flights save 40% and get you there with One-Stop on United.

Unlike most of the rockies this year (has been a little dry) Jackson has been hammered early and often. They have racked up 191 inches 199 inches (as of this morning) of snow thus far and with the ridge in the west moving east, you are WAY more likely to get a dump while you are out there than you are to score back home.

It's not a United plane but you get the picture. Speaking of pictures...

Any Non-Stops?

While there ARE non-stop flights, those are currently running over $700. You could of course use up some of that cash you save on your cheap Jackson Hole Lift Tickets (curtesy of the Golden Ticket discount) and treat yourself... but personally I will take the short stop over and spend that cash elsewhere.

Invest those funds (Cheap Patagonia)

I might pick up one of these new puffies thanks to our new-this-week partner Patagonia. Pretty hard to go wrong saving big and having the cash to gear-out right for your trip.

Nano-Air (and then some) ~50% off this week (on the official Patagonia site)

Patagonia Men's Jackets

Men's Nano-Air® Hoody ($149.00 was $299.00) | Men's Nano-Air® Jacket ($124.00 was $249.00) | Men's Nano-Air® Light Hybrid Jacket ($139.00 $199.00) ...also cool: Men's Nano-Air® Vest ($99.00 was $199.00)

Patagonia Women's Jackets

Women's Nano-Air® Light Hoody ($149.00 was $249.00) | Women's Lightweight Synchilla® Snap-T® Pullover ($49.00 was $99.00) | Women's Insulated Heywood Jacket ($99.00 was $199.00)

Don't even get me started on how infrequently we see Jackson Hole flights on the cheap. It literally NEVER happens but when it does Jackson is one of the hardest places to get discount lifts and lodging (not this time).

Book first, ask questions later. I do not expect these flights to last long per the above.

Cheap Jackson Hole Lift Tickets

Golden Ticket promo ends Jan 31st. Ie. you need to get your trip OVER before then, Jan 31st is the last day you can get the 40% off lift tickets.

The positive side of that is that unlike a lot of deals we see this stuff goes down in the next couple of weeks. For those of you who hate planning, this is about as sweet (and cheap) as it gets without booking far in advance.

Cheap Jackson Hole Ski Lodging

The other half of the 'Golden Ticket' promo is a 15% off discount on lodging when you book at least 3 nights.

Official promo text via the resort site It's true! Back by popular demand, the Golden Ticket Promotion offers passholders from ANY other resort 40% off single day lift tickets. In addition, passholders can save up to 15% off lodging 3 nights or more in an Aspens condominium with Jackson Hole Resort Lodging.

What about Cheaper Lodging?

Alternately there are some pretty solid lodging deals (45% off +) with some pretty great ratings over on Trivago. Here are a couple that I picked out.

Make sure you match your Trivago dates up with which ever flight you end up going with. Likewise if you are flexible click through to make sure the hotel deal you want is available before booking your flight.

Golden Ticket (Lodging AND Lift Ticket) promo ends Jan 31st

You can book your lodging over here:
Jackson Hole Golden Ticket Discount Lodging

Cheap Jackson Hole Food + Drink Specials

A great site for discounted food, drinks etc etc is Jackson Hole Traveler. Some great specials like $5 Breakfast Burritos or $3 Drafts. Worth a look for anyone making the trip.

Update 6:37PM

Well that was fast. No sooner do I have this thing live than we are looking at the United prices going back to a more normal $450-$500 for most of january.

In response I am adding flights out of Newark and JFK to both Idaho Falls (Hour and 45 minutes) and Pocatello (2.5 hours drive to Jackson). While these are not nearly as good a deal as the previous flights direct to Jackson, they are still very cheap relative to what we see on a regular basis.

Delta Giftcards

Some of the JFK flights are on Delta which means any of you guys that got in on the Free $300 Delta Giftcard from Park City can use that up.

Only two days of 40% Off Lift Tickets, but direct to Jackson.
Only two days of 40% Off Lift Tickets.
More 40% Off Lift Tickets but flys into Idaho.
More 40% Off Lift Tickets but flys into Idaho.
More 40% Off Lift Tickets, Long Layover in Las Vegas (good if you gamble)