Quantas hooking up the South Island in a big way. It is HARD to get surfboards down south and back without paying an arm and a leg. Only guys I know to do it spent $800 on boards alone which makes this one of the better deals around.

L.A. to the South Island almost always run $1250+ including board fees — these cheap surf flights save 45% and get you there with One-Stop on Quantas.

With so many airlines adding absolutely insane Surfboard bag fees its always great to see a deal to an amazing destination that takes the hassle out of the process. While Air New Zealand is pretty board friendly as well, their flights to the South Island are running $1000 or more and have been that way for the last 6 months.

More spots than surfers down there, might be time to get on it...

Board Policy for Quantas "Free as part of your baggage limit but if its exceeds that the charge is $150 (first bag) or $200 (second bag) for flights originating from USA. Two surfboards can be taken in a single bag. Notes: Please note there is a maximum weight restriction of 32kg (70lbs) per item and 2 meters (6'5 ft) long."

There are a lot of reports of longer boards being allowed but be aware that you may incur an extra charge if you are bringing your gun (or longboard... or fun board).

Yeah... but how COLD?

Most of the cheapest availability is in the next few month (through March) so the water is as warm as it will get. Odds are you won't need much more than a 4/3 and boots since most of the accessible spots will hover in the mid 50s F.

This one might be a little bit more realistic (assuming you can't get a heli):

Exchange Rate

The exchange rate hasn't been this good since I was surfing Raglan just after the 2008 crash. Laying down $1USD gets you $1.39394 NZD. Thats like a 40% Bonus on everything you buy from Food to Lodging etc.

I picked up a new T&C, board bag, upgrade fins, leash and track pad for $450USD while I was there. Take advantage and support some rad shops while you are at it.

Gear Up w/50% Off Booties

Patagonia has their normally pricey booties on web special this week for 50% off. Pretty solid given that for most of us rubber is still a necessity this time of year.

Patagonia Bootie Deals (Men's):

R2® Hybrid Booties ($35.00 was $59.00) | R3® Split Toe Booties ($37.00 was $74.00)

Patagonia Bootie Deals (Women's):

R2® Hybrid Booties ($35.00 was $59.00) | R3® Split Toe Booties ($37.00 was $74.00) | Also... Womens's R1® Spring 'Jane' Suit ($49.00 was $99.00) | Women's R1® Surf Shorts ($29.00 was $59.00)

Taped seams and all. Just what the South Island ordered.

Cheapest Flights now Include TWO Stops on return.


Per the above the cheapest dates now include a long layover in Sydney AND Honolulu. While you could probably surf in town with the 6 hours you have in Hawaii I figured the single stop flights were where it's at and added more of those.