Alaska Airlines has killer deals for anyone who would appreciate spending a day in San Diego on the way to Hawaii and on the way home. Pair that with $25 Surfboard bag fees and this is the best deal we have seen all year to get wet someplace this January without the need for the 6/5/4.

Boston to Kauai almost always runs around $800 with surfboard bag fees adding another $200 — these cheap surf flights save 50%+ and get you there with One-Stop on Alaska Airlines.

So the surf doesn't get much more legit than Kauai in January. That said these flights give you a chance to get your arms up to speed (and work off some of that jetlag) with a day in San Diego before you get there.

Looks like fun to me...

Cheap Kauai Lodging

So that's a little of a misnomer since there isn't anything that I was able to find that qualifies as cheap. That being said if you are going with a couple of friends and can share a place it's doable.

Trivago has a couple of Well Rate 3 Star Hotels in Kauai that aren't too terrible.

How to Book

So the biggest piece of this deal is really that it's on Alaska Airlines. That means $25 Boardbag / coffin fees which saves at least an additional $300 vs United, American or (worst of all) Delta. Delta charges $150 per board EACH WAY.

Look for the San Diego Stop-Over

Alaska is also the only airline to offer full day stop overs in San Diego. Even if you don't get out and get wet, there are worse places to spend a couple of days in January or February. As it happens those are also the cheapest flights that knock another $50 off an already cheap price.