Ok. This is CHEAP (cheapest I've ever seen) and YES it is round-trip. Only downside here is that it's on Delta so you are going to get KILLED on surfboard fees. That said this is so cheap you can buy a used board and resell it when you leave and still be out the door for less than the flight would cost.

Alternately shipping it home is STILL probably less than your usual flight there and back from Philly.

Philadelphia to Honolulu has been running $900+ — these cheap surf flights save 65% and get you there with One-Stop on Delta.

I don't think this is a price mistake (I could be wrong) but I do believe these will be gone in a HURRY. If you you are serious about this one make sure you are on your game and plan to book in the next 6-12 hours.

Delta is either going to raise the price or sell out. No idea which one happens first but whatever it is its going to happen fast.

Deal Details

The single stop is in Atlanta for most of the best flights which is basically WAY better than the usual stop options (rarely snows and one short leg before the straight shot to HNL).

As mentioned Delta SUCKS for surfboard bag fees. They charge you $150 per BOARD each way. Don't encourage their bad behavior by bringing a board, if you really have to ride your own deck ship it out there it will be cheaper (even counting the box hah).

Minor Update

A few of the best dates (with single stops) already sold out so get your credit card ready. I am adding some of the two stop options for anyone who is desperate to go and on a budget.