Southwest Airlines has Non-Stop flights to Denver for under $100 with free bag fees (including skis / boards). PLUS save 42% on Copper Mountain Lift Tickets. Since you are going to at LEAST be bringing one checked bag (your skis / board) this is the cheapest price we have seen all year.

Also found 30% to 60% off Ski Bags / Rolley Bags and Luggage for anyone who needs to gear up for their trip.

Philadelphia to Denver has been running $250+ counting bag fees — these cheap ski flights save 62.5% and get you there NON-STOP on Southwest Airlines.

I just stepped off a Southwest flight from Breckenridge last week myself and will be jumping on another on Thursday to visit some friends in Tahoe. Even when they are NOT the cheapest it is always worth considering Southwest simply due to their free change fees.

In this case you get the best of both worlds: CHEAP and also free changes. When traveling in the winter that is critical.

Free Bags AND Free Change Fees

There could easily be a Nor'Easter on your way out, or alternately a powder day the morning you are supposed to fly out. It's always better to be able to flex in or out an extra day. That really is not economically possible with any other airlines and it could easily save your mental piggy bank every bit as much as free checked bag fees save your wallet. Bag Deals

On the subject of bags...
Lauren C. noticed that has a killer after christmas sale going on with a ton of good stuff 60-75% off. You also get $25 back in cash for use on a future purchase when you buy $250 worth of gear.

Best part is they have some amazing prices on bags for anyone who needs to upgrade their in-airport game.

Cheap Copper Mountain Ski Lodging

Copper Mountain also has what amounts to the cheapest rooms around. Regardless of where I searched I really couldn't break $200/nt but I guess thats the disadvantage of trips that go down in the heart of the season, particularly the early January (Jan 10th) flight.

Since Copper does offer the 3rd night free plus Kids Ski Free, on a lot of their properties that brings down the total cost down to right around $200/nt which is not terrible compared to the pricing at Copper on Trivago / Expedia etc right now.

You could also roll the dice and hope things don't book up as Copper has 40% off last minute lodging deals as well. At the moment the availability on 'Last Minute' starts on the 7th, since the first flight leaves the 10th you could conceivably just wait it out and see what happens.

Cheaper Lodging Options

Breck isn't any better (tried it). If you want a cheaper place to crash you can hit up the Alpine Slopes Inn which is currently listed 40% off on Trivago for $109/nt and is about half a mile to Keystone. The Keystone Lodge and Spa has great ratings and is around $150.

If you do that you might want to snag discount Lift Tickets at A-Basin instead, those are also ~35% off but much cheaper to start with.

How to Book

So doesn't allow us to link to an exact date set. That means this one requires just a LITTLE bit of elbow grease to track down. Here's how to find the best date for you:

  1. Hit Southwest's Flexible Fare Calendar
  2. Enter 'PHL' as your Departure City / Airport and 'DEN' as your Destination City / Airport.
  3. Select your Months. The cheapest ski flight availability happens in January.
  4. Hit search and then select your dates from the Calendar.

The flights you are looking for are $48 each. The best two date options that I found were:

  1. 8 Day Trip : 1/10 to 1/18 ($116 Round-Trip) | 33% Off Copper Mtn Lift Tickets
  2. 9 Day Trip : 1/10 to 1/19 ($116 Round-Trip) | 33% Off Copper Mtn Lift Tickets
  3. 7 Day Trip : 1/17 to 1/24 ($96 Round-Trip) | 42% Off Copper Mtn Lift Tickets
  4. 8 Day Trip : 1/17 to 1/25 ($96 Round-Trip) | 42% Off Copper Mtn Lift Tickets

As mentioned we would have links for you but, well, Southwest doesn't let us do that. Hopefully we will find a way around that issue, but for now it's up to you to make it happen — book this thing before it's gone.

Other Gear Deals

As always we try to put together a few deals on gear for anyone who needs to kit out a little since the season is still young, or has a X-Mas gift certificate burning a hole in their pocket.

Mountain Steals

Mountain Steals is also getting in on the after christmas sale action. I actually picked up a couple of presents for the fiance at great prices, those prices have now dropped even further. Their selection of discount North Face gear is ridiculous.

Burton Snowboard / Boot Deals