Non-Stop on Air Canada PLUS 45% off Whistler Lodging (Epic Pass Holders) OR 40% off late March/April Lodging with a stacking 15% off Expedia Coupon Code: EXPEDIA15 (no Epic pass required).

Alternately to go more budget friendly Sun Peaks has 35% off Lift Tickets ($47/day) thanks to Liftopia. If that's still too steep at least grab a 77% Off $17.99 One-Day Mt. Baldy Ticket, I added a few near the bottom.

L.A. to Whistler Non-Stops routinely run $325+ — these cheap flights save you 45% and get you there Non-Stop on Air Canada.

If you didn't catch the Magenetic (Full Movie) release last month, and need a little push over the ledge, save this to your YT watch later list (or watch it now) and put it up on the TV via chrome cast / whatever you've got. 38 Minutes of 100% Whistler.

Watch time well spent without a doubt (although I did skip the intro for you).

Cheapest Whistler Lodging (Epic Pass Holders)

January and February Whistler Lodging (particularly if you stay over a weekend) has jumped up a ton but the best options are still booking at for pass holders — apparently guaranteed to beat the lowest possible price by 5% when booking direct (haven't tried it but it IS on the site).

Here are some of the general discount starting points (clickable):

Generally the most do-able prices I found happened at the end of February and beginning of March. Conditions are still great so that's not an issue, but I do hate waiting.

Note the additional discount listed going from Canadian to USD. Always nice to have a stacking ~20% or so come off the top. So while those are probably the best deals you will find, you can take a look through the next section as well (since not all properties are part of the pass holder promotion).

Lodging for Non-Pass Holders

Even Bigger Discounts in April

If you don't have an Epic pass (or even if you do) the best options IMO are in early April. It is almost always BEAUTIFUL and the prices are another 40% less with a few fantastic options matching multiple April flight dates at the $171 Non-Stop Flight price:

The above two deals stack with a 15% off Coupon (use Code: EXPEDIA15 at checkout) that brings the price down to right around $100/nt which is awesome for well rated properties in the village.

Cheap Lift Ticket Alternatives

While Whistler does have some good options for packages, if you are really trying to just jet up for a few days on the cheap (particularly in January / February when lodging prices are highest) you may want to take a look at either driving an extra couple of hours OR staying close to Vancouver and hitting a more low key / low profile option.

Sun Peaks $50/day (4hrs Drive)

Cheap Lift Tickets @ Liftopia

If renting a car and exploring is more your deal you could make the run to Revelstoke (6 hours) but that's probably a lot after getting off the plane. For ~2 hours on top of the Whistler drive you can get to Sun Peaks where you can snag a 35% discount on lift tickets through Liftopia which saves on top of the already cheaper daily pass rates:

Single Day Lift Tickets are mostly in the $45 to $55 per day range (depending on the dates you pick) which is about half what WhistlerBlackcomb runs (even with exchange / multi-day discounts).

While the discounted passes are NOT available on every date combination, I did add links to each lift ticket start date to match the cheap flights in January / February found in the Book Your Flight section.

Ski Cheap Around L.A.

Traveling gets expensive even when the flights are dirt cheap. I spend most of my time dreaming about all of these spots but most of my time on snow at one of my local hills. Here are some solid L.A. Region Lift Ticket deals I scraped together:

Mt. Baldy $17.99/day


  1. $19.99 Mt. Baldy 1 Day Lift Ticket - 2018-03-01
  2. $19.99 Mt. Baldy 1 Day Lift Tickets - 2018-03-06
  3. $19.99 Mt. Baldy 1 Day Lift Tickets - 2018-03-12


  1. $21.99 Mt. Baldy 1 Day Lift Ticket - 2018-02-07
  2. $21.99 Mt. Baldy 1 Day Lift Ticket - 2018-02-13
  3. $21.99 Mt. Baldy 1 Day Lift Ticket - 2018-02-14


  1. $24.99 Mt. Baldy 1 Day Lift Tickets - 2018-01-23
  2. $24.99 Mt. Baldy 1 Day Lift Tickets - 2018-01-31


  1. $24.99 Mt. Baldy 1 Day Lift Ticket - 2017-12-20

It's NOT Whistler but $20 for the day is a pretty cheap lottery ticket.

35% Off Sun Peaks Lift Tickets Matching This Flight
35% Off Sun Peaks Lift Tickets Matching This Flight

45% off Whistler Lodging

More Dates Coming

Still working on pairing the cheapest dates / lift tickets. Should be done in a few.