Cheap Costa Rica flight AND 44% Off 5-Star All-Inclusive Lodging on the Beach in Tamarindo? Alternately studios w/Breakfast from $50/nt. I am in — Costa Rica has been EXPENSIVE the past 6 months.

Great availability for February, and March for anyone lucky enough to have Spring Break to look forward to PLUS that room on the Beach gets even cheaper when you bring a friend... bringing friends does carry some risk (as seen in header).

Playa Negra will likely be firing.

Newark to Costa Rica has been in the $500s for the last 6 months or so — these cheap flights save ~40% and get you there with One-Stop on Delta.

So those of you who have read my other surf deals know that I HATE Delta for their $150 PER BOARD (each way) surfboard fee. That being the case, the pickings have been super slim so I figured I would post this one for anyone who doesn't mind renting... plus my trigger finger has been itchy on surf stuff. Luckily United has some dates as well.

Cheaper Surfboard Bag Fees

If you DO want to bring your own boards (I always try to if at all possible) you are better off choosing from one of the United dates that I have ALSO added to the bottom of this deal. While United is slightly less facist on the board fees 50% less than Delta would charge, they still run $150 per board coffin each way.

Potentially more do-able if you have a friend going along, but jeez guys, at least hassle United (or Delta) at the airport a bit — Alaska Airlines just changed their board coffin fee to $25 each way. Gotta put some heat on Delta and United to do the same.

Costa is GREAT this time of year as seen in the above video.

Cheap Costa Rica Surf Lodging

Most of the below link out to Expedia as they send me pretty awesome coupons almost weekly. Most of the time that drops their price below the alternatives so if you book with them be sure to use Coupon Code: EXPEDIA25 at checkout to save another $25 off $250 on 2+ Night bookings.

Availability goes down in February and March with some good options through into May. I have always had a good time during the dry season up North — so I did most of my digging around Playa Grande / Tamarindo / Playa Negra area.

As mentioned at the top — some higher end 4-Star / 5-Star stuff is ALSO solidly discounted. Don't forget to change the dates to match your exact flight.

All Inclusive

The Occidental has some solid pricing on All-Inclusive options right on the beach just a bit south of Tamarindo proper. Great option if you are renting a car (grab a 4x4 in San Juan it's totally worth exploring).

Booking Advice

This isn't the easiest one to book primarily because there are so many options as far as connections. The best ones I could find are $307 and stop once in Atlanta for ~2 hours (which I consider manageable).

That said, be careful when you buy, there are ALSO flights that stop in Atlanta with MUCH longer stops. If you can't get a short connection on your date (it probably sold out) try a different one.

Save an Extra $10

So when I started writing these deals SkyScanner had the $292 price. As you can see that changed (for whatever reason) to $308 as soon as I finished all of the links etc. You can still save the $10ish or so and book with Google Flights. To keep things easy I kept the links as normal but feel free hit GF.