Utah powder on Delta PLUS get a Free $300 Delta GiftCard to cover the flight out there, or your next one. Probably the best ski flight deal I have ever found and the offer was just extended beyond Cyber Monday AND IS VALID RIGHT NOW.

Park City Resort kicks in the Free $300 Delta GiftCard when you book 3+ Nights with them AND that includes when you book with their Cyber Week pricing. Since the flight is so cheap, you basically fly to Utah for -$100.

In other words; You book 3+ Days Ski-in-Ski-Out at 40% off and Park City buys your flight out there AND THEN SOME. Delta flight = $198 RT you get $300 Delta Giftcard. If you already bought an Epic Pass for $679, you Ski FREE!

NY/NJ to Salt Lake City usually runs $375 — these cheap flights save 45% before the giftcard and get you there Non-Stop on Delta.

This deal is so insane I had to call Park City twice just to make sure it was accurate. According to two support reps and one manager this is 100% legit and DOES work with $99/nt Cyber Week pricing.

I honestly don't know how you say no to this one. On one hand you have the cheapest lodging prices of the year. On the other you have Park City offering to buy you a flight out there (in the form of $300 Delta Giftcard) that even leaves you $100 to spend on the next Delta deal I find.

Come to think of it, this is actually a really killer deal for anyone who lives in SLC. Stay someplace nice for a 3 day weekend and get a $300 voucher to go visit more resorts with your Epic pass.

$300 Delta Giftcard from Park City Resort

So the $300 Delta Giftcard offer was extended beyond Cyber Monday. If you booked already, good on ya. If not I wouldn't leave this for too long as I don't have confirmation on how long it will be alive. STRONG BUY rating from me.

Here's the Park City website as of Thursday 8PM:

All you need to do is book 3+ nights direct from the Park City website (at qualifying properties) and they will give you a $300 Giftcard code. Then you hit ParkCitySkiBreak.com to redeem that for $300 good at Delta's website at which point you can buy your flight using your Giftcard balance.

You should have $102 left over after purchasing your $198 rt flight to Utah.

Give Park City a call if you have any questions at all, great people and I really enjoyed talking with them earlier: 877-493-2063 Tell them you heard about the deal on HaveBoardsWillTravel.com!

Cheap Park City Utah Ski Lodging

Per the above to make this deal work you need to book at least 3 nights directly through the Park City Resort properties website. I am going to be adding some of the better options to this section as we move along but in the interim here is a link for anyone who wants to be pro-active and dig through on their own:

Park City Qualifying Lodging for $300 Delta GiftCard

I will update this section asap but wanted to give you guys as much heads up on this one as possible, Grandma's sick so it will be a few hours before I can get it done!

Update Dec 1st @1PM

Just found out that Park City has extended this one outside of Cyber Week. Keep in mind that it does look like they messed with the dates that you can choose:

"...not valid for stays December 18, 2017 through January 27, 2018 and February 16, 2018 through February 25, 2018. Offer valid at Park City Managed Properties."

I added the dates that currently work with decent flight prices. Those of you (like me) who hate JFK can fly out of Newark on most of these dates for $227 but the cheapo LGA options are no longer available. Mostly these are end of January / February.

Condos from $147/nt w/Free $300 Delta Giftcard
Condos from $147/nt w/Free $300 Delta Giftcard
Condos from $147/nt w/Free $300 Delta Giftcard
Condos from $147/nt w/Free $300 Delta Giftcard
Condos from $147/nt w/Free $300 Delta Giftcard
Condos from $147/nt w/Free $300 Delta Giftcard
Condos from $147/nt w/Free $300 Delta Giftcard

How to Book

So this one is different than the usual because you SHOULD NOT use the above Skyscanner links to book your flight. Instead you need to book your Hotel first on the Park City Resort website and then receive your $300 Delta Giftcard.

My plan is to wait until I get the Giftcard and then use it to book my flight using the above dates on Delta.com in order to make use of the balance.


Most of the cheapest flights go down between January and March. Count me in as one vote for Utah bluebirds later in March and April!