Killer Non-Stop Flight on jetBlue AND Ski-in-Ski-Out Condos from $45/pp (when you bring friends) thanks to Northstar's Cyber Monday lodging deals. That saves a minimum 40%-50% on Lodging and since Northstar is a part of the Epic Pass (got mine!) anyone who Got Theirs for $659 skis Free.

Also found some great Cyber Monday deals at (74% off Faction Powder Skis for instance) w/ Stacking 15% off Coupon Code: TAKE15 makes for some great gift deals which I added to the bottom for those who still need to shop.

NY/NJ to Reno - Lake Tahoe Non-Stop usually runs $375 — these cheap flights save 35% and get you there Non-Stop on jetBlue.

One of the coolest parts about this particular deals is that there are several great flight options that actually leave next week (alternately the week after, I'll be out there!). There is also some great availability in January but the lodging is slightly more so keep that in mind!

Need more reason to make this happen? Must watch:

Cheap Northstar Tahoe Ski Lodging

So the Lodging is really what makes this a killer deal. Ski-in-Ski-Out one-bedroom condos for $175 that sleep 4 or save even more and crash at the Northstar Mountain Condos for $129 per night (again sleeps 4) and catch the shuttle. That brings your cost to stay down to $33 per person when you split it four ways.

Keep in mind you HAVE TO book this one by Midnight November 28th (ie. Tuesday Night).

Cheap Northstar Lift Tickets

As mentioned the best way to make this deal even better is to just pickup an Epic Pass. The Epic Local Pass is $659 and counts as a full season pass (with some limited holiday restrictions) good for the whole year at Northstar, Heavenly, Park City, Breck not to mention 10 days at Whistler and Stowe (more resorts but cut for TL;DR).

Basically if you go for 3 days or more you pay for your pass for the whole stinking year. Personally my targets are Tahoe , Whistler, Park City, Stowe (frequent road trips) and Colorado multiple times. My pass will be payed for this first trip to Northstar.

Given that I have an Epic I will guarantee I find you enough flights to make this worth it out of NY/NJ. Northstar opens tomorrow so get on it!

Gifts For Them OR for You

I used the heck out of this one myself and picked up multiple gifts and one of the sweet hooides below for myself. has 60% off + 10-30% off w/Stacking 15% off Apparel Coupon Code

Make sure that you use Coupon Code TAKE15 at checkout for an extra 15% off stacking with the discounts listed below.

Mitts for the Lady (bought some!) and a North Face maybe? Apparel Search

Here's a good search to get you started that filters the junk brands and only shows apparel items that are at least 40% off. Make sure you use coupon TAKE15 when you checkout for an additional stacking 15% off. Ski Deals

There are also some solid deals on Faction Skis if that's your brand. Best option I saw was on a pair of powder planks 74% off.