San Diego Non-Stop with cheapo-almost-free Surfboard Coffin bag fees from Alaska Airlines. San Diego doesn't come up often without some insane per $150 board fee each way (looking at you Delta) so when it does, it's always a good idea to dive on it.

PLUS 62% off your stay ($93 a night!) at the 4 Star Marriott La Jolla with a stacking $25 off $250 coupon (thanks to Expedia). Alternately go big at the Hilton for just over $100 a night. No lift ticket required.

Boston to San Diego has been running $400 minimum — these cheap flights save 45% (before even factoring in the cheap board fees) and get you there Non-Stop on Alaska Airlines.

So the best part about Alaska Airlines (other than the fact that they hook up Free Lift Tickets at some awesome resorts when you show your boarding pass) is that they charge the same for your Surfboards as they do for any other checked bag ($25/$35). That is WAY better than any other airline on the market and counts as practically free at this point hah.

Most of this availability goes down in January but there are a few dates in the near term in case you are already burnt out on the cold — those November / December flights run $235+, take a look on Google Flights to track them down.

There are also a few flights all the way up to March that run in that range for those who really love to plan ahead.

Cheap San Diego Surf Hotels

There are some insane 60% off Hotel deals on well known brands roaming around right now and luckily for all of us some of those are in La Jolla which should work out juuuuust perfect...

The best value options is by far the 4-Star Marriott San Diego (in La Jolla). I can't tell you how much fun I had the last time they guys and I stayed in La Jolla for a weekend but needless to say it's a fun town.

If you for whatever reason hate the Marriott (why?) you could always opt for the Sheraton. I heard those guys love sandy feet.

That said, you saved dollars on the flight so you could always go big with 40% off at the Hilton.

Black Friday Warning

Since these flights popped up today there is always the chance that they are part of the Alaska Airlines Black Friday sale.

Book first and ask questions later.