SUPER cheap flights on United to L.A. combine that with 40% off Lift Ticket AND a Free $40 Mountain High food voucher and you have a serious incentive to hit southern California's closest resort. There are also some great (still active) discounts and coupons at Expedia that get you 15% off your lodging w/ stackable $25 off $250 coupon. Fantastic opportunity to get some west coast riding in for pennies on the dollar.

If you already bought your M.A.X Pass (shout out to Bill for the reminder!) you have days to burn at Mountain High which is a quick shot once you land at LAX.

Philly to L.A. generally runs at least $350 — these cheap flights save 66% and get you there with One-Stop on United.

Last season I was stoked to see Philly to L.A. drop below $250, hard to believe this one comes in at half of that. Assuming you are using your 5 days at Mountain High like Bill, the only two things you are going to need beyond your $116 Flight are going to be a rental car and someplace to crash.

If you DON'T have your M.A.X Pass yet (you are going to wish you bought one when you see the flight deals we dig up this season) we have you covered as well. There are some killer stackable promos on Mountain High Lift Tickets as well as Cars and Hotels.

Of course for this price you could always spend a little bit more time in the car and head up to Mammoth to get some bigger mountain action. That $227 Non-Stop flight on Alaska Airlines from Philly that I found last week is still active for those who want to spend a bit more and get there non-stop. You also get a free Mammoth Lift Ticket when you go with that deal which helps subsidize the costs at Mammoth a little.

Cheap Mountain High Lift Tickets

So those of you with a M.A.X. pass just have to show up. For the rest of us, I bought the Epic this year ¯_(ツ)_/¯, we have to do a little bit more leg work to get this one cheap.

Generally the key here is to be buying one of either the ($199) 4 'Day' Powder Pack or the ($99) 4 'Night' Powder Pack. As with some previous deals at other mountains these packs are designed for locals who ante up early and plan to use the passes on select days here and there throughout the season.

That said they work just as well for anyone flying in for 4-6 days who wants to use them all at once. So when you break it down the Day time Powder Pack gets you 4 tickets at $45 each while the Night Powder Pack gets you 4 evening / twilight tickets at $25 each.

We can do better than that though because Mountain High ALSO gives you a $20 Gift Card voucher when you buy a $100 Gift Card. For those looking at the 4 'Day' Powder Pack you buy two $100 giftcards through the above link which gets you $40 to spend on regularly priced lift tickets (for instance if you want to add a 5th day) or alternately on food which should cover at least a couple of lunches.

The night time pack works out perfect if you purchase one $100 gift card (which you then use to buy your 4 'Night' Powder Pack) and gets you an extra $20 to spend at the mountain.

Cheap Mountain High Ski Lodging

Not a whole ton up there by the Mountain. There are some AirBnB's / Home Away's if you are into that stuff but if you want to go with a more standard hotel the best option I could find was the Best Western for $79 (15% off) 10 minutes or so outside of town.

That spot DOES qualify for that $25 off $250 Expedia lodging coupon (code: HOTEL25) that I keep harping on, so if you haven't used that up yet this is the perfect opportunity to know the above price down even lower.

Cheap L.A. Rental Cars

The same ski season promotion that Expedia kicked off with that $25 off $250 hotels coupon actually also includes some great deals on Rental Cars with budget (25% off on top of the normal rate). Not going to be a huge savings and it's not hard to get to park city etc from SLC but cash is cash.

You can activate that rental car coupon over here: 25% off with Budget on Expedia