Non-Stop Flight PLUS get a Free Mammoth Lift Ticket (full-day). That stacks with 15% off Lodging and another $25 of $250 at Expedia AND 25% Rental Cars. Pretty hard to beat if you don't mind the drive up to the mountain from L.A.

Philly to L.A. usually runs at least $350 — this saves 110+ on the flight and another 80 on the free lift ticket for about 50% off total and gets you there Non-Stop on Alaska Airlines.

For those who aren't aware... Mammoth opens in 1 day 18 hours (at the time of writing). That means get in gear because the flights are cheap and you KNOW there is going to be snow on the way in the near term. Last year saw 800+ inches and this year's forecast is La Nina AGAIN, that photo in the header was taken last year (also a La Nina year).

Free Mammoth Mountain Lift Tickets

Alaska Airlines announced today that they have partnered with Mammoth for the second straight year to give riders who show their boarding pass a free Lift Ticket. For full details check out their promo page over here: Alaska Airlines Ski the West Promo

Basically you get a free Lift Ticket on the day your return flight leaves at Mammoth Mountain. Keep that in mind when booking and maybe give Alaska Air a call just so you feel confident through the process.

Just a free lift ticket doesn't always make for a cheap trip but if you have a few people going and don't mind the drive (I don't, it's not TERRIBLE) this promo easily saves you each $80 on top of the flight savings.

Cheap Mammoth Lodging

So the other thing that the above matches up nicely with is a pretty killer promotion that Expedia is running on Hotel bookings: $25 off $250 2+ Nights with code: HOTEL25 on Expedia. While that link / code isn't JUST good at Mammoth, there are some Mammoth options that work.

If it was me and the guys going I would take that cash I just saved on the Flight, Free Lift Ticket and rental car (more on that in a minute) and book myself a ski-in-ski-out room or one of these places with 5 star reviews and a hot-tub (price for hot-tub is 15% off BEFORE stacking $25 off coupon application):

You can see their full selection of places to crash over here: Expedia Mammoth Mountain Lodging. DO NOT FORGET THE COUPON: HOTEL25

Alternately you can do Ski and Stay for $161 per person per day directly with Mammoth.

Cheap L.A. Rental Cars

Part of the same 25% off promo as the resort lodging, Budget has 25% off when booked with Expedia over here: 25% off with Budget on Expedia

If you are driving up that 25% off should cover your gas and maybe lessen the pain juuuuuust enough to make the rest of the guys / girls in the crew come along for the ride (hey they all get free lift tickets if they book their flights with the links below too).

Free Mammoth Lift-Ticket + 15% Off Lodging and stacking $25 off $250 w/Code: HOTEL25 @Expedia

Wait?! Where are the other Dates?

Not a lot of Availability on this one and it's going to go fast. I am working to find more options so check back but best case scenario, book now or forever hold your peace.