So yeah, Air Canada has opened up some really great connecting options to get to some of the best mountains in North America. These flights come in another $10 cheaper than the $301 to Vancouver (posted a few weeks ago) and coincide with some killer 30% of ski and stay options from as well as a still crazy USD -> Canadian exchange rate that drops your price by another 20% or so.

Hero photo thanks to: Reuben Krabbe

Philly to Calgary generally runs $450 to $500 — these cheap flights save you 40% and get you there on Air Canada.

With the season set to begin TOMORROW there is a small window to get in on pre-season pricing on lifts and lodging, not to mention a cheap flight before Air Canada either decides to end their sale, or alternately fills up their planes.

This is the all-time cheapest I have ever seen Philly to Calgary so if Banff is on your bucket list I would say this is the one to dive on. This come in cheaper than the flights out of NYC which are generally at least $50 less on pretty much everything.

As a reference I also ran every possible date combination for the entire winter, the next cheapest flight on an alternate airline doesn't happen until the end of March and comes in 15% more expensive with a worse connection on United ($330 RT).

So yeah. Air Canada for the win.

While some of the cheapest promos ended on October 31st before the Air Canada sale availability really kicked in, there are still some great options to get some serious-big mountains into your life.

Cheap Banff / Lake Louise Lodging + Lift Tickets

So there are some great deals on in-expensive places that get you down near $100 per night (which is awesome) but to me the best options are actually the 4 star resorts in the $120/nt range.

While the above do not include tickets, is also having a lift-lodging promo if you want to buy both at the same time.

Here's some details on which dates work (generally before December 15th to get the cheapest 35% off Discount rates) the resorts will be running wide open come end November: