Getting to Mammoth Lakes usually entails a 5 hour drive from L.A. since the connection from L.A. (or alternately San Francisco) to Mammoth runs at least $150 on it's own. These cheap ski flights from Alaska Airlines get you into Mammoth Lakes with a single stop in San Francisco for less than you would normally pay to fly to L.A., and drive to Mammoth.

Minus the rental car costs, 5 hour car ride and $75 in gas. I almost wrote this up last week at $320 so $280 is unbelievable. PLUS 40% of Multi-Day passes AND 30% off four star lodging at the Westin.

Update: December is selling out so I added more January in place of it. I would book in the next 24 Hours!

Boston to Mammoth Lakes almost always runs $475 or more—these flights are at least 40% cheaper and get you there with One-Stop on Alaska Airlines.

Mammoth Lakes is one of those airports that's practically impossible to get to in-expensively. Most of the time you are looking at 2+ stops and $475 - $500 round-trip. Not only do these trips from Alaska Airlines knock 35 to 40% off the price, but they do it with a single stop in Los Angeles, as opposed to two+.

The major bonus here is that Mammoth Mtn offers a free shuttle from Mammoth Lakes (it's a 20 minute ride or so), hence the reason people are usually willing to pay the extra to fly into MMH instead of LAX etc.

Alaska is also great since the ski bag fee is $25 and can include a helmet or boot bag AS WELL AS your skiis / board. Pretty awesome deal (even better if you Surf as its $25 for your whole Surf roller coffin).

Top 5 Best Reasons to Book this Mammoth Deal

1. Epic Snowfall History

Mammoth was open until AUGUST this year finally closing August 9th 2017. With that sort of season length you KNOW the place got hammered. In fact they got so much (44 feet by the end of March) they had to call in the national guard.

Thats just obscene.

2. Storms in the Forecast

A significant possibility of a Storm cycle (thanks Howard!) starting the first week in November... and that just so happens to align with these cheap Mammoth flights.

3. Alaska Airlines is Awesome

Virgin / Alaska (same company) seriously hook up athletes and entheusists riding all sorts of boards. While Delta is charging $150 per surfboard each way, these guys are charging $25 for the whole quiver. British Airlines recently changed their Ski policy to be $90 each way. Gotta show some love to the airlines keeping ski fees low.

4. Cheapest in 365+ Days

This is literally the cheapest I have ever seen Boston to MMH one stop flights. If you hate driving this is the one.

5. Airfare + Lodging + Lift Tickets

It's not too often that we can stack lift / lodging and airfare discounts. This is one of those times specifically because we are able to take advantage of some great pre-season promos directly from Mammoth (more on that in a sec).

Cheap Mammoth Lift Tickets + Lodging

Per the above we are still in "Pre-Season" territory and the guys at Mammoth want to fill rooms. With normal ticket prices in the $

That's a pretty solid multi-day pass discount without having to deal with any intermediary (ie. no third party site etc). Book on Mammoth, pickup at the window and go shred. Alternately there are some killer lift-lodging combos:

Four Star+

If you want to go baller the Westin is offering 30% discounts on Expedia, some others worth a look too: