Air Canada killed their non-stops to Calgary but partially made up for it with some insane prices in their just launched sale. After watching these flights all of last year, this is the cheapest I have seen it... PLUS this lines up perfect with SkiBig3's current Ski + Stay promo that saves 35% on Lodging and Lift Tickets (covers all three favorites: Banff Sunshine, Lake Louise and Mt. Norquay).

Hero photo thanks to: Reuben Krabbe

The most insane piece of this is that every dollar you spend over the border gets a 25% discount bonus from the still amazing exchange rate (which stacks with the above discounts to land you at roughly 45% off vs a U.S. trip at normal prices) ie. 4 star Resort = $110/nt.

Boston to Calgary generally runs $475ish — these flights save 45% and get you there with One-Stop on Air Canada.

The guys at almost got me to pull the trigger on this on a similar deal LAST YEAR but the flights just didn't line up with the promos. Not so this time around. Call up the squad, this one is legit and available until October 31st (I wouldn't wait more than a day to book your flight!).

This needs to be me right now (alternately you):

Above Photo thanks again: Reuben Krabbe, below video thanks to SkiBig3.

I would seriously have to try pretty hard to make this place NOT look amazing.

Cheap Banff Lodging

The lift and lodging promo should be enough to motivate just about anyone, the fact that you can dive on a flight to get there for less than $300 is just nuts. We are talking 4 Stars hotels / resorts with great reviews for right around $110 USD a night — What?!

The exchange rate bonus brings those prices down to Tunnel Mountain $110, Hidden Ridge $111 and Moose Hotel and Suites $170 per night — $170 per night for a 4.5 star hotel.

While the above do not include tickets, is also having a lift-lodging promo if you want to buy both at the same time.

Here's some details on which dates work (generally before December 15th to get the cheapest 35% off Discount rates) the resorts will be running wide open come early November:

Qualifies for 35% off 4 Star lodging at
Qualifies for 35% off 4 Star lodging at
Qualifies for 35% off 4 Star lodging at

If you still aren't sure, this may help you get your priorities straight (photo thanks to: Banff & Lake Louise Tourism / Paul Zizka):