Just found some killer Non-Stop early season flights from jetBlue that are WAY under what most airlines are charging to get to Utah (even with stops). Solitude and Alta also have some great 25% off lodging promos running that stack with the afore mentioned great flight prices AND 50% off lift tickets.

Boston to Salt Lake City, Utah generally runs $350 or more — these trips save 45%+ and get you there Non-Stop on jetBlue.

It's awesome to see jetBlue beating out the discount carriers (Spirit / Frontier) who usually monopolize the Utah routes. Those guys charge an arm and a leg for bags AND extra for skis. jetBlue is $25 first bag $35 second and no additional fees beyond that if your bag happens to contain skis.

Together with 50%+ discounts on lift tickets (scroll down) and your 4th night free when you book at Solitude and this is easily the best Utah deal I have seen. If you need more motivation — here's the latest stoke edit from the guys at Ski Utah just in time.

Looks good to me.

This is the cheapest I have seen from Boston since this time last year. If Utah is on your list, now is the time. Plus there are still some great deals coming in from some of my favorite resorts.

Ski + Snowboard

At least a few of my favorite sessions ever have happened at Brighton or Solitude. Not as crowded, way more chill, and much less expensive (with no less amazing back country available for those who are interested).

As it happens Solitude is offering your 4th Night Free when you book on their site which is great and adds up to 25% off. Full list of Solitude promos here. The best deals look like the condos although those really only make sense if you are bringing some friends. Not a bad place to spend a few days:

Cheap Solitude Lift Tickets

Maybe the best part about Solitude for the dates we are going over is that they still have some 50% lift tickets available on Liftopia. Really hard to do better than adding that on top of the cheap flight and discounted lodging.

Snowbird and Alta also have some solid discounts which you can see on the Liftopia Utah region discounts page.