So the tricky thing about getting to Hawaii is board bag fees. Lucky for all of us Alaska Airlines dropped their sports equipment price to $25 per board coffin (same as normal luggage) making their flights the absolute best way to get form the east coast to the islands.

To make things even sweeter there is some great availability to catch this years 2017 Billabong Pipe Masters which should be on your list if it isn't already.

Boston to Honolulu usually runs $850 plus another Three Hundred in board bag fees — these flights save at least 50% on that and get you (with your boards) there on Alaska Airlines.

So the tricky part about these flights is that they really only work well for longer trips. The reason being that you have a full day lay over in San Diego (alternately Seattle, Portland or San Francisco depending on date) in either direction.

I think saving another $100 to surf for a day in San Diego sounds like a much better idea than sitting in the airport but you can bump yourself to a more reasonable layover time for another $50-$100 (still a great price). Warm water, be it San Diego or Hawaii, is going to feel like a major upgrade come December.

For me I will take a night to sleep off my jet lag and get some good coffee before logging another 5+ hours on plane. I started booking my flights that way when visiting the crew on Big Island and can't do it any other way if non-stop isn't an option.


Availability on these surf trips runs straight through the opening two months of the winter swell season, heck there are even some dates that get you there for the Pipe Masters for anyone who wants to see how it's really done.

If you end up booking AFTER the Pipe Masters December 8-20 (still some flights available) another great option is to pick up a used Pro board or two while you are out there. These days its so expensive for the guys to bring their boards back home, half the time they just sell them to the shops on their way out of town.

Bad news for the sponsors is good news for you. I picked up a few brand new guns while I was out there last time around for $350 - $400 each. That's a killer deal since Alaska Airlines is going to charge you $25 per bag to get them back with you.

Plus you get to help out the local shop scene which is always a positive.

See the 2017 Pipe Masters - Runs Dec 8 - Dec 20
See the 2017 Pipe Masters - Runs Dec 8 - Dec 20

See the 2017 Pipe Masters - Runs Dec 8 - Dec 20

Booking Tips

The links above work perfectly but you may need to filter a little bit since our priorities as surfers on this one are MUCH different than SkyScanner's default priorities.

The easiest way to see the best prices is just to click "Cheapest" in the center of the search that our links bring up. That SHOULD show the Alaska Airlines options with the full day layover which is what you want.

There are also some awesome options in San Diego so it's totally possible to snag some waves there during your full day lay over if you really want to max this out.