This is the cheapest we have ever seen a Non-Stop coast-to-coast flight during ski season, and you even fly there in style on JetBlue. If you have been waiting on a cheap way to kick off a trip to Mammoth (or heck even Big Bear) it's not going to get cheaper than this.

Update: the $124 fares sold out but still some great options at $195ish.

NY/NJ to Long Beach (LGB) almost always runs $325+ — these flights save at least 60% and get you there Non-Stop on JetBlue.

With so many airlines starting to charge extra for skis / boards, it's awesome to see JetBlue hold the line and keep things reasonable. While you will get charged the normal bag fee, JetBlue does not charge extra and your total price to bring your gear is going to be dramatically less than a discount airline like Spirit or Frontier.

As mentioned previously JetBlue uses Long Beach (LGB) as their primary hub in L.A. If you ask me that's an upgrade, both the terminal and the rental car situation is so much easier / faster than L.A.X. it's ridiculous.

Ski + Snowboard

Easier is better on the rental car if your plan is like mine and involves the 5 hour drive up to Mammoth. Here's a little motivation curtesy of one of last years pineapple express dumps (and Powder Magazine):

The above storm dumped 20+ ft, but in case that drive is a too much even with that sort of gold at the end of the rainbow... you can always look to Big Bear instead.

Particularly if you are into park stuff.

Cheap Mammoth Lodging

Even if you just go for 3 - 4 days (plenty of availability) this can't be anything but worth it. Mammoth is still hooking up some insane $126 per person Ski + Stay deals.

Cheap Mammoth Lift Tickets

If you have a place to crash you can always skip straight to the 40% off lift passes. We have a solid two weeks before the full ticket prices kick in, that's plenty of time to book this deal and get in for pennies on the dollar.

Update from Scott @12PM Eastern

So this is one of those deals that went quick.

While the cheapest availability ($124) is sold out in December / early season, there are plenty of great dates in the $195ish range straight through the heart of dump season (Jan - Feb). I added a few of those to the free availability for anyone who didn't get in on the $124 price.

Since it's still a killer deal with the above lift ticket prices I am going to keep the facebook stuff running for now. Going to work on tuning our JetBlue direct searches to get this stuff out to you guys quicker.