Pretty insane fares to score some early season snow in the Pyrenees, as an added bonus you can warm up en Barca for a few days when you get there (or before you come home).

Philly to Barcelona usually runs in the $650ish range—this saves 45%+ and gets you there on Air Canada with One-Stop.

Air Canada (First bag flys free) is great as a ski flight option to Europe, particularly since British Airways pretty much disqualified themselves from consideration when they raised their fee on ski baggage to $90 each way.

$90 ski fees tend to make it much harder to enjoy El Pas de la Casa with a clear conscience:

Air Canada WILL count your skis (or board) + boots as your first free bag (unlike BA) but the second bag does run $100. If you can travel light with a backpack this is the cheapest way you will ski Europe this winter without a doubt.

While the political situation in Barcelona, following their independence 'Yes' vote, is sensitive the State Department still considers it a safe place for U.S. citizens to visit. If you are planning to visit for ski purposes, odds are you will only be in the city for a day or two so I for one still have Barcelona on my list for this year.

That said—keep an eye on it as your trip approaches.

First Bag (Skis + Boots) Flys free with Air Canada

If you prefer Lufthansa (or want more availability) there are also some flights in the low $400s starting in February. Still a great price and would be a main page deal out of Philly any other day. Snoop around, you'll find em.