There are very few ways to get your quiver out to the west coast for less than an arm and a leg, Alaska Airlines comes through for those of us looking to escape the 6/5/4 rubber this winter.

NY/NJ to Los Angeles generally runs $350ish this saves 40% and gets you there with One-Stop on Alaska Airlines. Bring whole quiver for $25 each way—that saves another $300+ on board fees.

With Delta charging $150 per board each way and United jacking their board bag fee to $150 (multiple boards) each way, the fact that Alaska Airlines lets you fly with a coffin for $25 each way is pretty insane.

Compared to a flight on Delta with Two boards this saves $550 and comes out to something insane like 80% off. Given that there aren't many airlines offering reasonable board fees it's always good to dive on the opportunity to surf some where new (on the cheap) where ever possible.

Most of the availability on this particular deal starts next month (November) and goes straight through to spring. For those of you interested in snow, of course that means you can (and should) hit up Mammoth while you are out there.

The major plus of that timeframe from a surf prospective is that is lower crowd factor anywhere in LA area, plus the most consistent surf all year. Water still in the high 50s / low 60s, so you should be good with a 3/2+boots.

Book Your Cheap Surf Flight

Per usual here are a few flights for those of you who haven't subscribed yet. Subscribing is free and you get additional dates, so you should do that, but until then:

  • $194 | 7 Day Trip (LGA to LAX) Dec 5 - Dec 12

  • $194 | 7 Day Trip (LGA to LAX) Jan 24 - Jan 31

  • $194 | 7 Day Trip (LGA to LAX) Jan 22 - Jan 29
  • There are also some non-stop options available on Alaska for $240ish which is still a great price for anyone who doesn't want to make a stop.