For those of you who held off the last time Switzerland came up, you may have just scored. Iceland Air just dropped a new sale on some killer Europe ski flights for the coming winter season.

NY/NJ to Zurich generally runs around $700ish, this saves at least 50% and gets you there with One-Stop on Iceland Air

Don't let the single stop kill the vibe on this one, any time you are on Iceland Air you can add days to your stop in order to ski Iceland either on the way, or on the way back, from your Switzerland trip for $20 (make sure you book through if you want to do that).

With stuff like this available as a heli ski add-on, Iceland starts to feel like a pretty big bonus:

For those who don't know: Iceland Air is a legit ski friendly airline that gives you your first bag free. Ie. this is not a British Airways situation where B.A. hits you for $90 each way for your skis.

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Here are a few dates for those of you who aren't subscribed yet. Subscribing is free, you get notified as soon as a deal goes live PLUS more dates for each deal we find.

  • $357 | 5 Day Trip (EWR to ZRH) Feb 10 - Feb 15

  • $369 | 5 Day Trip (EWR to ZRH) Dec 9 - Dec 14

  • $368 | 8 Day Trip (EWR to ZRH) Jan 13 - Jan 21
  • As mentioned you CAN book these flights through Iceland Air's website and pay an extra $20 to stop in Reykjavik for a few days on the way there or the way back.

    Totally worth it, if only to soak sore legs in a hot spring for a bit.