Non-Stop to Switzerland during Ski Season is unbelievable. I have no idea why United priced these flights so cheap, but we should all seriously consider begging and borrowing (maybe not stealing) to take advantage.

NY/NJ to Switzerland (Non-Stop) is almost always $750-$800 during ski season. This gets you there on Swiss Airlines for 55% less than I would expect to pay.

For those who don't know, Swiss Airlines is 'The Skiers Airline' and ski bags fly free. Compared to British Airways (who recently raised their ski / snowboard fees to $80 each way) this saves another $160 on top of the already insane fare savings.

This is also dramatically cheaper than what you would pay on a discount carrier like Norwegian, TAP etc.

I could go for a little of this right about now...

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These links use SkyScanner for booking (which is my favorite) but you can use Google Flights, Travelocity, Priceline etc. Just take the dates below and book with your travel site of choice.

Subscribers get additional exclusive dates, but here are a few for those of you who haven't subscribed yet:

  • $369 | 7 Day Switzerland Ski Trip (EWR to ZRH) Nov 22 - Nov 29

  • $386 | 7 Day Switzerland Ski Trip (EWR to ZRH) Nov 25 - Dec 2

  • $395 | 6 Day Switzerland Ski Trip (EWR to ZRH) Nov 28 - Dec 4
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    You can always dig around and find the other cheap dates yourself, but it's way faster to just subscribe and let us send them to you.


    So basically the prices on these are jumping all over the map right now (up then back down, then back up etc).

    If you see the $369 non-stop price, book it immediately. If you don't see it, don't give up, try it again later. Also be aware that prices changing repeatedly can mean this is a Price Mistake, if you do score the cheap price wait a week before booking your hotel etc.

    If you have trouble getting the $369 price on SkyScanner, you can fall back to Priceline etc who have this deal at $418ish (still amazing for a non-stop). Either way, this will likely be gone tomorrow.

    Excuse the $387 price above, as mentioned above the dates are bouncing all over the place as I finish this write up. BOOK THIS ONE FAST.