With half the Caribbean still in bad shape it's great to see some off the beaten path surf destinations pop up that HAVEN'T been clipped by a hurricane.

Philly to Trinidad and Tobago generally runs $500ish, this saves you about 40% and gets you there on American Airlines with one stop in Miami.

American is continuing to expand their low cost service to some great surf spots. While they are no where near as cheap as Alaska Airlines ($25 per multi-board-bag each way), they aren't terrible like Delta (those guys suck: $150 per board each way).


Once you get there though Trinidad has been lit up this hurricane season. The storm chain of Irma, Jose, Maria is STILL pumping swell down from the north while Trinidad sits safely out of harms way.

That said most of the flights I found are for November - February and therefore dependent on super long period swell from the north atlantic noreaster that bomb off of Nova Scotia every winter. Every video I see on this place during the winter looks just straight fun. Nothing crazy, just fun.

This on the other hand does look crazy awesome if you are into that whole tube riding thing (sign me up).

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Here are a couple of flight options for those of you who have NOT subscribed yet. These links are to Priceline, but as always you can take these dates and book through your favorite travel site (or American Airlines directly):

  • $292 Round-Trip | 9 Day Surf Trip Nov 30 - Dec 7

  • $292 Round-Trip | 7 Day Surf Trip Jan 25 - Feb 1
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  • 10 Day Novemeber Trinidad Surf Trip

  • 8 Day January Trinidad Surf Trip

  • 7 Day January Trinidad Surf Trip

  • 10 Day January Trinidad Surf Trip
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    Board Bag Notes

    There is good news and bad news.
    The good news is that this could be you:

    The bad news is that American runs $150 per coffin (less than 70 pounds / less then 10'6'') which really only makes this manageable if you have a crew bringing 4ish boards in one bag. $300 (that and back) / 4 = $75 per person which is not terrible given the anti surf bag hysteria that half the airlines have standard these days.