Insane deal to L.A. thanks to Alaska Airlines. No better time to book up and hit Mammoth this January.

NY/NJ to Los Angeles has been running $350 - $400, this saves at least 50% and gets you there on Alaska Airlines.

It's only on rare occasions that you can even find a discount airline for this price (ie. Spirit / Frontier etc). Being on Alaska makes this killer since they include Free Carry-ons and MUCH cheaper ski bag fees ($25 each way) vs the discount carriers who charge $50-$60+.

Personally this deal has me looking forward to a little of this sorta action:

For those who don't know, Mammoth is a 5 hours cruise from L.A. but worth every minute. There are a few options closer to town (Big Bear etc) but if you are headed to the west coast, my feeling is you should do it up right.

Cheap Mammoth Lift Tickets

Opening day for this season is November 9th and you can score $79 Mammoth Lift Tickets direct from the mountain if you book ahead (before Sep 19).

Also some pretty sweet lodging packages available from the mountain as well. Book 3 days in a one bedroom condo for two people, get 2 lift tickets per day and a $100 Resort Giftcard for $700ish. Seriously solid deal for a few days in your own condo.

Book Your Flight

Here are a couple dates for you guys who haven't subscribed yet. Subscribing is free, so you should 100% do that, but until you do:

  • $200 Round-Trip | 9 Day Ski Trip Jan 29 - Feb 6

  • $200 Round-Trip | 8 Day Ski Trip Jan 23 - Jan 31
  • Those links are with Momondo but you can book with Priceline / Travelocity / Orbitz etc using the above dates. This is a killer deal and WILL sell out, so if the above links don't show the right price...

    You should subscribe. Subscribers get a few extra options, Sign Up for free and get these additional exclusive options:

  • 8 Day January California Ski Trip

  • 10 Day January California Ski Trip

  • 7 Day February California Ski Trip

  • 8 Day February California Ski Trip
  • As you can see above you can also choose a direct flight for another $67 which is STILL a great deal for those looking to spend a little less time in transit, and a little more on the mountain.