Fly to colorado for damn near what you spend on gas driving to Mammoth.

L.A. to Colorado generally runs $150ish, this saves roughly 50% and gets you there Non-Stop on United.

Sometimes you just gotta ride someplace different. If you have Keystone, Copper or Breck on your list, now's your chance to cross them off at a serious discount.

Ski + Snowboard

Generally most resorts have early season sales / promotions going on, for instance A-Basin has 40% off lift tickets that match up with these trips. Their Bacon Bloody Marys don't sound so terrible either.

That being said your best option (in my opinion) is either to jump on the Epic local pass ($659) that gets you full access to Keystone, Breck and A-Basin in Colorado, as well as North Star, Heavenly and Kirkwood back closer to home.

As a huge added bonus you also get 10 days at Whistler. I can guarantee we will have at least one killer flight deal to one of those locations before the start of the season and a few more than that by the time the seasons done.

Given the 100% chance we find cheap flights for you this year (you subscribed already right?) it makes all the sense in the world to pick up a pass and make this a bucket-list year. Think of it as an investment.

Book Your Trip

Keep in mind that we list the dates the cheap flights are available on so that you can book with the travel site of your choice (ie. Google Flights, SkyScanner, Travelocity, Orbitz... whoever).

Here are a few dates for those of you who haven't subscribed yet. The links below use SkyScanner:

  • $77 | 6 Day Trip (LAX to DEN) Dec 5 - Dec 11

  • $82 | 4 Day Trip (LAX to DEN) Dec 7 - Dec 11

  • $76 | 4 Day Trip (LAX to DEN) Jan 19 - Jan 23
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    Additional Subscriber Exclusive Trips


  • 7 Day Colorado Trip $76 (January)

  • 8 Day Colorado Trip $76 (January)

  • 8 Day Colorado Trip $76 (January)
  • February

  • 7 Day Colorado Trip $76 (February)

  • 4 Day Colorado Trip $76 (February)

  • 8 Day Colorado Trip $76 (February)
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