It's usually difficult to get into Portland for less than $300 let alone less than $200. This gets you there with a single stop, just in time to take some laps on Mt. Hood to warm up your legs for Winter 17/18.

Boston to Portland generally runs $350 - $400. This gets you there on American Airlines for 50% less than the normal price.

While American DOES charge for bags ($25 / $35) they DO NOT add something extra / insane for Skis or Snowboards, or kill you with $50 bag fees like Frontier / Norwegian / Spirit.

That means the total net ticket price for this deal with American will be dramatically cheaper than what you would booking a ticket of equal value through Spirit or Frontier (both of whom charge more for baggage AND for skis).

Ski + Snowboard

Yes. Mt. Hood does operate nearly all year long, and Yes, you may have had a friend who went to camp out there during the summer. Here's a video from last week...

That being said, the dumps don't start consistently until December and riding fresh snow on a big mountain is a lot different than riding spring time mashed potatoes:

I could 100% go for a little of that about now.

How does this site work?

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Book Your Trip

As always here are a couple of dates that you can book if you haven't subscribed yet... even though it's cheap (and by cheap I mean free) so you should...

  • $176 | 4 Day Trip (BOS to PDX) Jan 27 - Jan 31

  • $176 | 5 Day Trip (BOS to PDX) Jan 19 - Jan 24
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    Oh. Subscribers get access longer trips, so there is that too! For example subscribers go the following options for this deal:

  • 7 Day January Mt. Hood Trip

  • 9 Day January Mt. Hood Trip

  • 10 Day January Mt. Hood Trip
  • And some dates in February...

  • 7 Day February Mt. Hood Trip
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    Plenty of room to roam around once you get out there, no question about it.