You don't need to drop in at Chopes to appreciate the surf possibilities Tahiti presents... but if you are headed there for less than $800, you may want to at least consider that possibility.

L.A. to Tahiti generally runs $1400+ with board fees adding to that. This gets you there Non-Stop on Air Tahiti with Zero Surfboard fees and saves at least 60% for those bringing boards.

Not often we see Tahiti deals and for that reason this may very well be an error deal. Book your flight and wait a few weeks to make sure it doesn't get cancelled... BUT Tahiti is worth taking a chance on that's for sure:

Keep in mind you can book with any online travel site you like. Google Flights, Sky Scanner, Travelocity, whoever you feel most comfortable with.

Book Your Trip

Here are a few dates for those of you haven't subscribed yet. These links are with SkyScanner but you can use whoever you prefer to book these flight, ie. Travelocity, Google Flights etc.

Book it and go:

  • $791 8 Day Trip (LAX to Tahiti) Jan 29 - Feb 6

  • $777 10 Day Trip (LAX to PPT) Feb 5 - Feb 15
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    Subscribers got TWO exclusive trips for this deal. In subscribing gives you double the date options, with none of the digging around to find them.

    Proof of Purchase

    Any time your next two options are more expensive by 48% and 227% respectively, it's a pretty good bet you should book your flight and ask questions later...

    Call the boys and make it happen.