It's not often ski season Europe fares drop below $400 and exciting to see some early season riding open up on the cheap in central Switzerland.

NY/NJ to Zurich generally runs $750ish for a non-stop Flight. This gets you there, direct, on American Airlines (or Swiss Air) for 45% less than you would normally pay.

American is seriously stepping up the pressure on the low cost airlines (looking at you Norwegian). While we occasionally see flights out of those discount carriers below $500 to the Alps, those flights have at least one stop, and charge you $50+ per checked bag, and even add on for your carry on (yes you, Norwegian).

Ski + Snowboard

There are so many ski options when landing in Zurich it's ridiculous.

Couple that with a great transit system that was designed to make it possible to go ski without a car and you have one of the better jumping off points to someplace like Engelberg.

Here's another one from the resort for some scope on how big this place really is:

What better way to warm up the legs this December than 45 minute decents in the Swiss Alps.

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