Flying cross-country Non-Stop for less than $200 is a great way to kick off your season at Mammoth (or the West Coast resort of your preference).

Philly to L.A. generally runs $350 to $400 these trips save you 50% or more and get you there Non-Stop on American Airlines

I feel that chill in the air over here in New Jersey so I am sure you guys down closer to Philly way feel it too. Winer is coming, and not just in GOT.

American and United have been at war over the Philly -> L.A. route for at least the last month, so if you aren't into American for whatever reason, there is some good availability from United right around $200 on a lot of dates early in the Winter (Nov-Dec).

Ski + Snowboard

Anytime I have the opportunity to get to L.A. I am always thinking Mammoth, but for those who aren't into the 4-5 hours of driving can for sure head up to Big Bear and have a good time.

Mammoth didn't close until August 6th this year which is freaking insane (270 days open for "winter" 16/17). To pull that kind of season you know the snow started early and flew often.

Opening day for this season is November 9th and you can score $79 Mammoth Lift Tickets direct from the mountain if you book ahead (before Sep 19).

Some pretty sweet lodging packages available from the mountain as well. Book 3 days in a one bedroom condo for two people, get 2 lift tickets per day and a $100 Resort Giftcard for $700ish. Seriously solid deal for a few days in your own condo.

There are a few flight options in November / December so there is no need to wait for the local Mountains to blow snow for two months before opening fully.

Book Your Flight

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  • Nov 29 to Dec 5 | 7 Day Los Angeles Ski + Snowboard Trip
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