These trips get you Non-Stop into Salt Lake City mid-winter / peak season, for a lot less than you would pay to get there WITH a stop on most days.

Non-Stop Boston to Salt Lake City hovers in the $420s most of the year. This gets you there for ~45% off the average price.

We have only seen a price cheaper than this ONCE since December of last year. That's usually a good indicator that now is a fantastic time to book a trip to look forward to for THIS December.

There is also solid availability on everyone's favorite airline JetBlue, setting up a seriously good situation to score some pure powder, not to mention unlimited snacks on your way there.

Alternately you can choose Delta for the same price assuming you aren't shunning them for their insane $150 per board each way Surfboard fees (which I personally have chosen to do this time around).

Ski + Snowboard

The last time I found myself in Utah in December I got snowed in up the canyon at Brighton for four days and found myself out of bounds in waist deep + with no-one but my board and a good friend.

If that doesn't sound good to you, you can leave right now.

Side Note: There are few places better to be snowed-in than Brighton given that most storms they keep their small (but fun) night lift running. Assuming you didn't burn your legs out completely (or aren't saving them for the next morning) you can clock some serious powder runs with a hand full of locals with more than enough powder to go around.

Get Out There

Per usual I put together a selection of flights for you guys who aren't already on the list as supporters. That said you should totally sign-up, it's free, you get notified of new Ski / Snowboard flight deals AND you get a few extra dates to save time and book faster (that lets you book cheaper flights).

Regardless, thanks for checking out the site.

Book Your Flight

We are three guys working on a self-funded start-up, here's hoping these flight deals get you, and us, out on the snow more often:

  • $227 - Jan 8 to Jan 12 - 4 Day Utah Ski + Snowboard Trip

  • $227 - Jan 22 to Jan 26 - 4 Day Utah Ski + Snowboard Trip

  • $227 - Feb 11 to Feb 15 - 4 Day Utah Ski + Snowboard Trip

  • $227 - Feb 13 to Feb 20 - 7 Day Utah Ski + Snowboard Trip

  • $227 - Feb 26 to Mar 2 - 4 Day Utah Ski + Snowboard Trip
  • You can Sign Up as an Email Supporter (free for life) to get the following longer trips / additional dates:

  • 7 Day December Utah Ski + Snowboard Trip

  • 8 Day December Utah Ski + Snowboard Trip

  • 9 Day January Utah Ski + Snowboard Trip