Sure there aren't a ton of riders who can jump a flight to Munich on almost zero notice, and even fewer who don't have to be at Killington for the IDF final race of the season. That said, this deal is just as solid for anyone looking to blowout of work for a few days as it is for those looking to film a video part in Europe.

NY/NJ to Munich routinely runs $800-$900 with fares even more expensive for last minute flights. These trips get you there on Air Canada / Lufthansa and save 70% on the normal price.

While it is entirely possible that this is a price mistake, we saw a similar deal to Switzerland last month that ended up being honored by the airlines. That being said, don't book for a few days just to make sure your flight doesn't get cancelled as a price mistake.

Downhill / Longboard Skate

So normally I would write up a list of reasons why you might want to go ride in the German Alps. This time around you are going to need to use your imagination since this deal very well may be gone in the next half hour. Needless to say the cover image in Switzerland is representative.

Book Your Flight

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  • Sep 3 - Sep 12 | 9 Day Downhill / Skate Trip to Munich, Germany ($263)