It's about time we saw some Hawaii deals roll back around, what's even better, this is the lowest round-trip NY/NJ to Hawaii all year on one of the more chill Airlines ($25 per Board bag!) for those of us planning to bring our own boards.

NY/NJ to Hawaii is almost always in the $800s, this gets you there for 50% less on Alaska Airlines when you factor in the Surfboard Fee savings ($250 cheaper).

Per the above Alaska Airlines is one of the last legit options to bring a board coffin at a reasonable price. Instead of charging something insane like $150 per board (looking at you Delta) a stuffed board bag will run you $25 each way, which was put in place this past July.

Factoring in the savings on the board bag, you are easily spending $250 less on boards total and possibly saving as much as another $600+ (if you had the distinct misfortune to try to fly with surfboards on Delta).

You can save even further by buying an old Pro board leftovers while you are out there. Granted you are better off doing this late winter than early, but still.

The last time I was able to stack the top end of my quiver and brought back a 6'9, 6'7 and new 6'3 for ~$250-$300 each, all almost new. Since you are only paying $25 to bring a bag back with you, the savings add up quick on quality decks.


Most of these trips happen in October and November, not quite peak swell season but if you are flying out of NY/NJ, odds are pretty good you aren't paddling out at pipe once the outer reefs start showing.

A little bit of this is sounding pretty good right now...

If you ARE planning on pushing yourself in peak (pun intended) season, you can push your trip back in to December / January for another $70 or so (still a great price).

Either the best part (or the worst part) of this one happens to be this one single stop you make on the way there / way back. Alaska Airlines does almost a full day stop in California on their cheapest routes that I have taken advantage of my last two trips to the Islands.

While you do need to check your boards in twice, having a night to crash and relax a little (assuming you have the time) has worked out well for me and gave me a chance to catch up with friends in SF/Oakland.

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